Not an awful lot of good news has been coming out of Washington lately, especially since Election Day, 2008.  Indeed, not an awful lot of good news ever emanates from Washington. 

It’s more than curious that things usually look better, and the stock market usually rallies, when our leaders go on one of their many vacations, junkets, or world tours.  Someone should research the meaning of that welcome phenomenon.

Elsewhere on the planet there have been a few other welcome phenomena, one in France where such happenings are rarities and where innovations have stultified since the French alleged they invented French kissing. 

A French kisser of some note, President Nicholas Sarkozy,   prefatory to another international gabfest to determine how to replace the Kyoto Protocol, a godawful protocol for the United States if there ever were one, tossed a tentative wrench into those talks.  Coincidentally, his wrench was tossed just before next month’s European Parliamentary elections.

The French wrench–not a wench!–is geochemist Claude Allegre, described by as “a denier of man-made climate change who called Al Gore’s Nobel Prize a ‘political gimmick.’ “  That description alone, from Mother Jones, makes Allegre a hero in my book, even if he is French.

And, heaven forfend!  Calling that award a “political gimmick” is being kind beyond words.  Both it and the Goreacle should more appropriately be described as political frauds, which also is being too kind. 

(See a profundity of profound articles on the farce of global warming here,, here, and elsewhere on

Monsieur Zarkozy is a veritable enigma.  Just this week he had voiced his very continental voice toward America, all but enjoining President Obama to jump into the fine European waters on climate change, formerly known as global warming, formerly to that, global cooling:  “He must go further [than mere words] and perhaps even draw inspiration from what the Europeans are doing:”

Excellent point, Nick.  Europe has led the way for almost a century now–into two senseless and bloody world wars from which hapless America had to extricate them by sacrificing hundreds of thousands of American lives.  Instead of thanking us for the fact they all don’t speak German or Russian, now that Europeans have finally found the way and the truth and the light in surrendering in a different way, via a United Nations-administered brand of internationalism, our path is to follow them again?

And what better path is there to follow than Kyoto and its heirs?  If blindly followed, Kyoto II will effectively cripple America as a world power which will permit the U.N. to distribute our assets to the Third World.  It’s very much akin to Obama’s plan to share the wealth of those who worked and strove and sweat for their comforts with those who sat on their sorry arses waited for gubmint cheese and gubmint welfare. 

It all sounds perfectly cut and dried, the Old World plan, a veritable Utopia.  We could spread the wealth with the un-working and un-deserving.  We could re-establish our kith and kin-ship with Europe.  Both are done deals to be sealed by Obama as soon as he gets his chance, assuming he gets beyond his Kenyan kith and kinship.

I hold a differing opinion from President Sarkozy:  No way, Nick!   Obama appears to have a contrary point of view, i.e., to follow wherever Europe leads, down whatever rathole they wish, but I digress.

President Sarkozy pulled a double reverse on Europe’s climate lead with Claude Allegre, a scientist who obviously knows about what he speaks about, as opposed to the opposition, led by science-challenged Al Gore. cynically suggests that with Allegre, ”The president [Zarkozy] appears to reckon that appointing someone from outside his own centre-right party will help to counter perceptions that he is a polarising, sectarian leader who decides everything himself:”

Frankly, Mother, I don’t give a damn if Allegre is a political patsy.  Simply by floating his name and scientific philosophy, Sarkozy added a much-needed touch of sanity to the insanity of the global change-ists, warmists, coolists. 

Even if Claude Allegre is a socialist, he seems to be a socialist with a brain.