Serving as mayor of New York City has been called the second toughest job in the country, second only to the presidency. 

That description of the Big Apple before it was the Big Apple was coined forty years ago by then-mayor John Lindsay, probably the city’s second-worst mayor in the twentieth century after Jimmy Walker.

Oddly for such a tough job, people seem to fight like hell to set up residence in Gracie Mansion.  The current mayor, Michael Bloomberg,   has declined to live there for reasons of his own, probably because it would be beneath his dignity.

A lifelong Democrat, zillionaire Bloomberg switched parties in 2001 and ran as a Republican, defeating the hapless Mark Green to succeed Rudy Giuliani, one of the best mayors in the city’s history.  The new mayor effectively bought the mayoralty, the only way a candidate with an “R” after his name could hope to win in today’s NYC. 

Giuliani was legally prohibited from running again due to New York’s term limits law.  Such legalities posed no obstacles to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was as much a Republican as Arlen Spector and flipflopped again in 2007 and became an independent to test the waters for a run at the first toughest job in America.  Those waters proved to be home to more sharks than expected and he soon scrapped that presumption.  Even the prospect of a half-billion dollar infusion of his own money failed to inspire Bloomberg’s self-promoted “Draft Bloomberg Movement.”

Undismayed, Mayor “Boomboom” came up with another plan. 

Democratic New York Governor Elliot Spitzer had yet to meet his Waterloo with his favorite hooker so an imminent move to Albany was out of the question.  Had Mikey been more patient, he could have easily taken on bumbling Governor-by-Default David Patterson   next year. 

Instead, Bloomberg chose to stage a New York City Hall coup d’état by overthrowing the term limits law and running for a third term.  Had Rudy   resorted to a similar tactic in 2001, he would have beaten Boomboom’s pants off.  However, former federal prosecutor Giuliani, despite his own trunk-load of baggage, had more respect for the law than Mayor Boomboom.

On October 2, 2008, the mayor announced that he would seek to change, (the operative word since “change” was in the air), New York’s term limits restrictions.  Three weeks later, the City Council succumbed to King Mayor Michael’s wishes and granted his excellency his wishes.

With little pressure, that august body quickly caved and surrendered its integrity, in recognition of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s power.  And money.

An old TV commercial asserted, “It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature!”  It’s also not nice, or wise, to mess with a multi-billionaire New York City mayor, as New York Observer reporter Azy Paybarah discovered.

After being asked a very pertinent question, Bloomberg first dismissed the query and followed up by dissing Paybarah.  

The audacious and impertinent question was that, since hizzoner had already asserted that his reason for seeking a third term was “that the city needs his management expertise in such rough economic times” but that he had now determined, “There has been a change for the better in the city’s ‘psychology,’ “ thanks to Obamian stimulation, why run for a third term?(

Not one to publically erupt, the mayor reserved his inner contempt in a parting comment, which was brief but cutting.  As he left the stage, he turned and said to the reporter, “You’re a disgrace.”  See and hear his words on the above link. 

The import of all this? 

That would depend on one’s political affiliation and one’s attitude toward a petty, politically-frustrated tyrant who would label a reporter a disgrace for asking a very relevant question.  

Such tyrants should be ignored or scoffed at.  If that approach is ineffective, an alternative would be to loudly protest against New York and its twisted liberal philosophy of taxing ’til they scream and when they do scream, blame everything on George W. Bush. 


May God bless America and may He save us from wannabe tyrannical despots, such as Michael Bloomberg,  and from America’s Tyrant-in-Charge, Barack Hussein Obama.