cited the United Nations'  As of this writing, Reuters is reporting a tentative accord, not an amicable accord and still tentative, at the gathering of rich and poor nations at the U.N. climate conference in Durban, S.A. 

In essence, the evil rich–including the United States and the emerging rich China and India– beat back the deserving poor–including 43 island nations, which have no reasonable excuse for existing as nations, and the rest of the envious planet.  Another serious issue had been the U.S. contention that prodigious polluters China and India should be required to play by the same emission rules as we do. (

As usual with the United Nations, nothing was accomplished even after the Durban confab ran two days overtime as representatives from pretend nations like Comoros and Vanuatu sought to do anything to avoid returning to Comoros and Vanuatu. 

The significance of Durban is not its failure but in the immediate and long-term climate and geopolitical goals of the United Nations, none of which favor the United States. 

When it comes to the global warming/climate change charade, the United Nations has long abided by the tried and true axiom that nothing beats a good defense better than a good offense.  If the U.N. excels at nothing else, and it doesn’t, it is superb at absorbing attacks and damaging truths by ignoring them as if they didn’t exist and braving on with even more outrageous scams. 

central to the Climategate  In the wake of the second expose’ within two years that revealed the lies behind man-made global warming/climate change, instead of backtracking and conceding the facts, the U.N. went on the offensive by drafting a treaty at Durban to further milk the Western world by requiring us to compensate the rest of the planet for our rudeness toward “the rights of Mother Earth.”  

Conferring at the U.N. climate summit, United Nations’ one-worlders conceived a new guilt trip, “climate debt,” designed to suck more money from the “have nations” to fill the pockets of “have-nots,” after being funneled through the rapacious maw of the monstrosity on the East River.    

Just as the U.N. carried on after Climategate One in 2009 as if it had never happened, it was unfazed by Climategate Two. 

As a refresher, in 2009, so-called scientists at the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-funded East Anglia University Climate Research Unit were caught with their warming pants down.  

Pseudo-scientists of IPCC, the same group that shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007 for their efforts to terrify the world, were discovered not merely fudging climate data but lying and covering up findings which contradicted their pre-conceived, PC notions of anthropogenic causes of global warming. 

Hackers broke into computers at the CRU and released 61 megabytes of 72 confidential documents and 1079 secret emails to the public, emails that irrefutably substantiated climatological fakery.   

As the London Telegraph reported at the time, the purloined documents exposed “conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more:” 

Thievery is reprehensible.  Global fraud is far worse. 

Undismayed by CRU Director Phil Jones’ admission that the data “appear to be genuine,” the following month the U.N. went ahead with its scheduled Copenhagen Climate Summit, which achieve nothing.

Truth will usually, eventually, out and last month U.N. perfidy was outed once again when 5000 new IPCC emails were hacked confirming what Climategate One had originally proven, that man-made global warming is the biggest fraud since Copernicus was shown to be wrong in the sixteenth century. 

Not to worry, said Durban confabers as they met just weeks after the second exposure of climate lies.  More precisely, they said nothing as they dilligently set to work in opulent surroundings to hammer out more deception.  As if saving the world from carbon dioxide were not a sufficient goal, they figured they might as well re-structure the planet’s politics while they were at it.  

Their ambitious draft treaty would help level out the planetary playing field and, with any luck at all, return rich Western nations to the Stone Age as it miraculously converted the Third World into a new First World with the ignorant complicity of the current First World.   

Among other notable features, the Durban draft called for a 50% CO2 reduction and a 2 degree drop in Celsius temperatures over 8 years, a 100% CO2 cut by 2050, elimination of all military forces which tend to pollute the environment, reparations for dastardly environmental conduct to be paid by the West to the Third World, establishment of an International Climate Court of Justice to enforce all of the above and, of course, billions of dollars to fill the coffers of the United Nations. 

Pretty ambitious, pretty presumptuous, pretty absurd.

Paul Joseph Watson on quotes Lord Christopher Monckton’s observations that the Durban treaty’s draconian proposals would have involved killing billions of people to prevent exhaling, effect a worldwide economic collapse, depression, and a new Ice Age, kill all plant life, and institute a world government under the ungentle auspices of, what else, the United Nations. (  

Durban was an abject failure from the point of view of the Third World, which is not to say the United Nations has given up on making the United States and other Western countries subservient to the whims and wishes of Comoros and Vanuatu.