(Fourth in a series in recognition of New York City’s “Gay Pride Week”)

I don’t think I have to take a backseat to anyone in my opposition to and condemnation of the gay revolution and agenda now sweeping our country.  But, fair is fair and distortions of truths are still unacceptable.

One like-thinker in the quest to expose homosexuals for what they are and for what their aims and intentions are seems to needlessly shade the truth about them in this article: http://greggjackson.com/blog/?p=311.

The facts, the absolute, unvarnished, un-PC truth about gays is much more than sufficient to out them for what they are sans shadings of any sort.

In point of fact, although Gregg Jackson is clearly on the frontlines in seeking to preserve and protect American moral values, the American Psychological Association did not, as Gregg writes, definitively report what he reports as to the question of whether gays are born that way or not. 

Gregg quoted the APA: “There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay, or lesbian orientation. . . no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors,” which is totally correct.

However, it was the American Psychological, not Psychiatric, Association which made that clarification on its website, http://www.apa.org/topics/sorientation.html. 

They are both “APA’s” and sister organizations which generally march in lockstep with one another but the Psychological association went on to say, “Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

However, both APA’s lack credibility.  They were previously intimidated into changing their diagnoses on homosexuality. Not coincidentally, the flipflop occurred just a few years after the gay Stonewall riot of 1969.

After decades of describing homosexuality as “an abnormal mental disorder” and those afflicted with that disorder as “sexual deviants,” under severe pressure and threats from gays, they amazingly flipflopped beginning in 1973 and ultimately concluded that, Nah, it’s all very normal.  See http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=635.

Since being gay had miraculously been transformed from deviancy to normality, any debate as to its “causes” were moot, to which I would agree but for vastly different reasons.

The point is, Who cares?  Nature or nurture, genetics or environment,  Who cares? 

Few people object to what consenting adults do to and with one another behind closed, preferably locked doors in rooms without windows, as long as they don’t wake up the dogs and kids in the neighborhood and as long as they remain in their locked windowless rooms or closets.

The matter has become societally problematic now that their bizarre behavior has exited rooms and closets and is front and center on American society’s stage and permeating America’s school rooms.  Add to that the gay proclamation that, “We’re queer, we’re here, get used to it” and their wish for acceptance becomes an insistent demand.

It is that current reality that I oppose, not how gays got to where they are.

Normal people refuse to “get used to it,” when the “it” is what homosexuals represent and what they demand.  That fact was confirmed last Election Day in California, Florida, and Arizona when residents there soundly rejected concerted gay campaigns to legalize same sex marriage.  In Arkansas, the electorate just said no to gay adoptions. 

More disgusting epithets have been hurled my way by the “gay community” merely because I believe in normality than I care to recount.  Be that as it may, once again, how and why homosexuals became homosexuals is irrelevant. 

Should gay insistence that their sexual preferences were chiseled on their tabula rasas at birth become generally acknowledged, any sexual deviants, whether they are pedophiles, which many gays are, or transvestites, or practioners of bestiality can claim, “Judge, I was born this way!” 

So, too, could mass murdering psychopaths, pyromaniacs, and other sickos claim that defense.

It doesn’t wash with any of them.

If someone thinks he or she is inclined genetically to molest children or murder innocent victims or engage in aberrational sexual activities, that person should seek treatment rather than continue on and destroy others’ lives. 

In the case of pedophiles, if treatment is not an option and as cruel as this may seem, they and society would be far better off if they peacefully or violently removed themselves from that society.  At least they would depart this world knowing they had made it a better world, just as the absence of a Jeffrey Dahmer or a Bernie Madoff makes ours a better world.

Yes, that’s a cruel, insensitive, and final solution.  However, when the alternative is to continue on their life journey of destroying the lives of children, it becomes a very virtuous act.

I’m not endorsing or encouraging mass gay-suicides in Greenwich Village or in San Francisco’s Castro area or in Provincetown or anywhere else gays congregate. 

What I am strongly suggesting is that homosexuals keep their hands off our vulnerable and suggestible kids and cease attempting to lure them into their culture of perversion.  If they’re unable to resist their perverted urges or refuse treatment, they should do something about their deep-seated problem.

Whether queers were “born that way,” born with a silver dildo in their mouths, born in the wrong body, or they are “that way” because of excessive mothering, please, do what you wish with yourselves.  Just keep it to yourselves. 

The rest of us don’t care as long as you stay away from us and our children and cease demanding that we believe you are normal.