It’s not easy being a conservative today.  In fact, it never has been easy since conservative values are more confining than liberal freedoms to do and act as you damn well please regardless of the consequences to society, family, and self.

Still, there are undeniable benefits to conservatism, not the least of which is watching, listening to, and reading the antics of the left which often approach the level of Theater of the Absurd. 

Another conservative plus, which requires a sense of humor, is that we get to laugh at what liberals do and say and how they act.

Cases in point are the following comments to articles I have re-posted on the blogsite.  All were made by “westsidejohn” in response to those articles.  I know nothing of westsidejohn aside from the content of his comments which have not been edited in anyway.

I think they’re pretty funny and very typical of the liberal mentality, not to mention the ever present venom that governs their daily existence and which erupts in such vitriol.  It’s sick and even sad, in a way, but also amusing if you appreciate that kind of humor. 

Re: “Katie Courac, Nasty Cougar:”  

westsidejohn wrote: Arent you a bitter little person? Jealous much? You call her a cougar because she dates someone younger? Would you say the same thing to a man who dates a younger woman?  And as for her interview with Sarah Palin….she exposed Palin for the inexperienced, stupid intolerant twit that she is!! Sarah Palin couldn’t even name which newspapers she read when she could have ended up in the highest office in the free world.

You are obviously a very bitter and very uneducated person. Thank God I don’t have to worry about an imbecile like you ever being in any important office. Why don’t you switch to a subject you know because current events and politics are not one of them!

westsidejohn wrote:  You’re a d–che bag and you don’t have the guts to post my retalitory comments. You’d also be too yellow bellied to spew your comments to my face. You’d learn how to take a knock out punch. That’s for sure.

Re: “All Conservatives Will Be Hate Criminals . . .”

westsidejohn wrote:  I knew you wouldn’t have the guts to publish my comment you pathetic weak little yellow bellied sap sucker. Religious fanatics like you only have the ability to hate. I bet you didn’t even go to college and in high school you only took the “regular” classes that didn’t challenge your mind. I bet you’re gonna come home tonight from your minimum wage job and heat up a can of ravioli and go to bed ALONE! You are uneducated, intellecutally inferior and you have no life. I bet you also have a ton of unsighlty “wild” hairs, mousy brown hair going gray, bald spots, and so much cellulite you like like a jumbo barrell of white pale stale cottege cheese!

I suspect westsidejohn is a very unhappy, possibly severely disturbed, individual.  He could also use a life and a spell-checker.