PETA, People Evolving Toward Assininity, aka People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has long been known for its concern that we humans wise up and smell the reality that animals are people, too! 

Okay, they don’t precisely say that.  In truth, they feel that the many species of beasties that inhabit the planet are not really people.  They’re much  better.  They don’t hate, they don’t murder, they don’t backbite, they don’t hold grudges, and they don’t vote.

See “President Obamabortion . . . ” (et al.)

PETA’s Mission Statement proclaims that its alleged 2 million strong membership is dedicated to relieving the suffering of animals, which is certainly admirable.  It also focuses on protecting “beavers, birds, and other ‘pests’ and the abuse of backyard dogs.”

That, I guess, is admirable as well although its inattention to frontyard and sideyard dogs is somewhat disturbing.  

Its mission statement also omits all reference to that animal designed to be the ruler of the animal pack, that animal intended by God to be at the top of the food chain, the only animal infused with an immortal soul, the human animal.

“PETA people” is not intentionally synonymous with “PITA people,” which acronym has to do with what some doctors were wont to scribble on patient charts to describe those who were Pains In The Arse.  Still, that designation aptly applies to PETAs.

PETA is always thirsting for publicity, whether through over-the-top, and banned ads, such as those depicting “poultry morgues” in supermarkets or bulging, impotent pizza delivery guys or singing cows or copulating cats,   

More “mainstream” PETA advertisements and demonstrations, such as nude women covered in animal blood and attacking fur-wearing women, were deemed acceptable.

PETA was recently in the news in a story relating to the title of this piece.  The super-sensitive organization objected to our super-sensitive president’s swatting a fly and suggested a more humane approach to dealing with such pests, namely trapping future flies and then releasing them in the great outdoors.

Criticized by Pro-Lifers for its focus on flies and ignoring people, a spokesman said employed the glib reductio ad absurdum argument that,  “We don’t take a stance on that (abortion) any more than Operation Rescue would take a stance on going vegetarian:”

Well, not exactly, PETANS.  Your organization’s very name indicates your interest is in ethically treating “animals,” which should reasonably incorporate the top of the food chain unless, of course, you feel humans are not atop that chain and that dogs, cats, snakes, chickens–and flies–supersede people. 

PETA even offered its alternative to smushing flies, its handy-dandy “Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher,” available for eight bucks for fly/bug lovers.

Now, I’m sure PETA people are very intelligent folks.  After all, aren’t all caring folk sensitive?  However, they may not be aware of the nature of the fly:

Flies may be cute lil creatures to PETA but in the real world they are disease-infested insects whose favored delicacy is animal droppings and are known as transmitters of cholera, dysentary, typhoid and anthrax.

I’m confident Barack has had all his shots, considering his favorite activity is traversing the globe and no doubt witnessing, upcloseandpersonal, babies in Ghana surrounded by those phylum anthropoda, class insecta, order diptera, all relatives of Obama’s fly.

Flies are repulsive bugs which make one think that God either made a mistake creating them or, more likely, put them on Earth to test mankind’s patience.

I know some have suggested the whole “PETA, Obama, and the Fly” protest was really a tongue-in-cheek jest by PETA. 

I’m not so sure of that since the sense of humor of PETA people usually involves more graphic jokes like splashing furred women with pig blood to demonstrate the evil of mankind’s utilizing the beasts of the Earth to survive and prosper and advertising rutting felines to accent the need for spaying and neutering.

I know a few PETA people.  They’re not bad people.  They’re just so immersed in their love of animals and so removed from the incongruity of their animal-loving organization that they can’t see the difference between PETA’s forest of concern for beasts and the trees of PETA’s total disregard for humanity.

When you value dogs, cats, beavers, and insects over people, you have lost your way.  The only way back is to stand up for your own species.  It’s not necessarily a choice between one or the other, unless your group stands up on behalf of baser animals and you remain seated when it comes to aborting yours.

Next time, scientists and researchers are in need of experimental subjects to develop vaccines and achieve breakthroughs in breast cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, heart disease, childhood blindness, and a host of other human diseases, all of which have been achieved through animal experimentation,  I suggest a PETAN offer himself or herself up as an alternative to rodents.

That would truly demonstrate you empathies, your priorities and your perspectives.

Until that first volunteer steps forward, chew on this:  What doth it profit PETA to gain the salvation of animals and insects and suffer the loss its immortal soul by ignoring the painful execution of defenseless human babies?