Much to my chagrin, this year I forgot the anniversary of the unprovoked Israeli attacks on the American ship, the USS Liberty.

Without recounting all the details of that assault, it occurred a little over 42 years ago on a clear June 8th, 1967 and resulted in the deaths of 34 officers and seamen, severe injuries and maimings of another 174, and the near-scuttling of a United States naval vessel.  Our nation was at peace at the time.

Although I had heard of the “incident” before, my interest in the Liberty was piqued one wintry day in 2004 when I had a chance encounter with Petty Officer 3rd Class Americo “Rick” Aimetti, assigned to Damage Control on the Liberty when the attack(s) occurred. 

Aimetti consented to an interview which can be read here in its entirety: 

It was only after that fortuitous meeting that I became aware of the intense interest, and the intensity of the lies, that still existed as a result of Israel’s heinous actions Liberty and our country’s continuing cover up of the actual events.

A personal effect was felt when, a website on which I published commentary regularly, angrily refused to publish any of my articles on what happened that day. took that move a few steps further by permanently banishing my posts last November from its website because of my Liberty articles. 

Anti-Semitism was alleged based on my reporting of established history.

That piqued my curiosity even more as did a June exchange on FR when I became as “curiouser and curiouser” as Alice since it made reference to a recent post of mine.

The heated exchange included the following:  “Gene Lalor put up a USS Liberty thread and it was quickly taken down:”  I’m certain it was quickly taken down though I haven’t a clue as to who put it up.

Who posted said thread is a mystery even if what happened on 6/8/1967 is clearly evident to anyone with a mind not muddled by American and Israeli government propaganda.

Totally devoid of mystery were the reactions of as yet-unbanished FR members.  A select few involved in the FR mini-firestorm over the Liberty, with my editorial comments:

.  “Just my opinion. We don’t know what happened for sure.” (False, we do know what happened; we just refuse to admit it.) 

.  “You forgot to mention that they machine-gunned a bunch of American sailors in life-boats.  And that the only recorded occaision that a Congressional Medal of Honor has EVER been awarded in secret —EVER— was following this ambush.” (True, Capt. McGonagle of the Liberty was quietly awarded his medal in a navy yard.)

.  “But the more I read, it is possible we were feeding [information to] the Egyptians.” (Absurd, and further testimony to deliberate official disinformation.)

.  “I just want to say that Captain William L. McGonagle was one heck of a sailor to get his ship back to port despite the massive damage done to her.  Had she sunk many of the 177 wounded men aboard would also have been lost. (Agreed, and sinking was the Israeli aim.)

.  “Strange how Isreal [sic] is always the boogeyman to some.” (Not always, just when it’s true)

.  “Ward Boston jr says all there is to say about accidents.” (It was no accident and Capt. Boston, JAGC USN (Ret.) affirmed that it was an assault by “muderous bastards:”

.  “TWO times the Israeli pilot comes back to his ground control, questioning his orders, “The target ship is American. . .  And his ground control two times replies that he was ordered to proceed with the attack.”  (True.  The initial strafing left the Liberty afloat.  Israel first tried to take out the Liberty’s communication capacities and wanted it sunk to eliminate all American witnesses.)

.  “I’m an American who don’t [sic] like being attacked by any friend or enemy. Foriegn [sic] or domestic.”  (Amen!)

They go on and on, 58 comments in all, and all reflecting the intentional confusion planned and executed by the United States and Israeli government(s) over a period of 42 years to mislead the public and to misrepresent the facts. 

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the source, Petty Officer 3rd Class Americo “Rick” Aimetti.  

I would absolutely believe him when he said Israel knew exactly what it was doing, that it attacked “an ally,” that the Israeli pilots and gunboat captain knew the Liberty was an American ship with our flag displayed in full view in daylight.

Israel committed mass murder that day and we allowed Israel to get away with it.

(For further background and detailed sourcing on this subject, please see “The Shame of the USS Liberty,”, “The USS Liberty and Jewish Consternation,”, and “The USS Liberty:  Information and Disinformation,”


Visit the USS Liberty Memorial: