Little did we know when Barack Obama promised change we could believe that the changes he envisioned would lead to fewer senior citizens, more freedom for convicted terrorists, Black Panthers protecting voters, and vehicular Nirvana. 

Government Speak:  Some cynics believe governments regularly either lie to the citizenry or so shade the truth that we have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.  Then the hoi polloi usually give up trying to understand what the hell they’re talking about.  Mission accomplished.

With the present administration, most thinking people have arrived at the conclusion that virtually everything spouted by the Obamanians has as much relevance to actual truth as calling cops stupid.

Such is the case with “health care reform,” which is Orwellian in an of itself but now they’ve thrown in a sweetener– or sour-er, depending on your point of view. 

When we age, as lucky people do, Americans tend to need more medical care, and more medical-specialist care, care for which we pay insurers for years when we’re younger and most of us rarely use.  Obama’s med scheme is proposing a great leap forward to deal with the older folk.

Rather than elders cluttering up hospitals and nursing homes or falling dead on the streets, they’ll be shipped off to warehouses where the order of the day will be that verbotten word, rationing.

Oh, they won’t call them warehouses and they certainly won’t call it rationing.     Such nomenclature would be far too close to the truth.  They’re calling the warehouses ”medical homes” for the elderly and disabled and rationing health care will more properly be termed cancelling health care.

The medicine will be government-allotted, or denied, in these warehouses   medical homes and there won’t be a doctor in sight.  As for medical specialists, don’t be absurd! (

Nurses and physician assistants will be on hand, however, most of whom probably flunked out of nursing or P.A. schools but that doesn’t matter.  Their principal duty will be tying those toe tags on bodies.

Complementing the warehouse scheme, seniors are not included on the priority list for swine flu innoculations, which will save even more money by necessitating fewer warehouses when they bite the dust next flu season.

I have a far more effective plan:  When someone hits 70 or so or breaks a hip or suffers dementia, why not have a government functionary take us out in a field or a Jersey swamp and shoot us?

Hey, it worked for Tony Soprano when he needed to whack an inconvenient associate!

.  Shoe Bomber’s Prison Jihad:  You may recall the Brit Richard Reid, aka Abdul Raheem, who had to be the dumbest and most inept terrorist in history.  He looked every bit the moron that he was     He was the nut who tried to blow up himself and American Airlines flight 63 on December 22, 2001 with a detonator in his shoe. 

He had trouble lighting a match.

Reid/Raheem was a failed 9/11 terrorist as well and is now serving a life sentence in the max-security federal facility in Florence, Colorado where he feels neglected.  

Thanks to his American jihadist lawyers and the complicit Obama administration, and following an unfortunately-unsuccessful hunger strike, he is demanding his “rights” to hang with his jihadist buddies and practice his religion:

What rights a murderous animal deserves eludes me but it does not elude sensitive Obamanians. 

The Bush Justice Department advised Reid that he could stick his complaints where the sun don’t shine.  The much more merciful and indulgent Obama administration in essence felt Reid’s pain and granted his request. 

Now, much to their delight, shoe-bomber Reid will be able to continue jihading with other terrorist reprobates in prison.  With any luck for him, they will be smarter than he is.

Is life good for Barack Hussein Obama jihadists or what?

Black Panther Election:  Candidate Obama handily won the state of Pennsylvania last November by a margin of 10 points, 54-44%.  He won Philadelphia County much more handily, 83-16%.  However, in Philly he had a lot more help, as in Black Panthers wielding night sticks at the polls.

The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense stationed troops at various polling centers bedecked in battle garb  to “assist” voters.  Nary a thought was given to intimidation, although one of them did make reference to being “tired of white supremacy.”  See 2 videos of the fun Philly scene here:

One of the final acts of the outgoing, justice-obsessed Bush administration was to file suit against the Panthers for voter intimidation which was “part of a nationwide effort to deploy NBPPSD members at polling locations on Election Day.” 

In other words, they were caught in Philadelphia as opposed to who knows how many other locations where their intimidation went unreported by intimidated, prospective voters who chose to go home rather than risk being clubbed. 

Surprisingly, an Obama volunteer in Philly denied everything.

Showing their contempt for law enforcement, much like Professor Louis Gates, none of those accused deigned to show up at the hearing.  In turn, showing its contempt for the law, the Obama administration dropped the suit. 

One civil rights attorney said of that action, “The dismissal by Justice, with no notice on the Justice Department press site, particularly against an organization listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a horrible miscarriage of justice:”

It’s purely coincidental that one of those Panthers named in the lawsuit dismissed by this Democratic administration was a Democratic committeeman.

The Clunker Chuckle:  Finally, for a good chuckle, if you’re driving or not driving an Obamanian-described “clunker” and planned to trade it in for a fuel efficient, new model, fuggedaboutit.  You’re SOL!

In yet another ill-conceived fiasco, the Obamanians have suspended their cash for clunkers plan, thereby demonstrating as much planning as they have shown with the unstimulating stimulus and the health care debacle.

Our novice president and his naive lackeys, since they have had few real life experiences, vastly underestimated the number of real people who would try to surrender their clunkers. 

They also could never properly define “clunker.”  More than one American clunker-owner has had his clunker towed to a dealership and was told it didn’t qualify since it was not operable.  Since it was supposed to be chopped, diced and re-cycled, why it had to be driven to the dealer is a bewilderment.

Some customers actually believed the canard that their gas-eating cars would really be trashed whereas the majority will probably be “re-conditioned” and peddled overseas.  That reconditioning sometimes gets their mph up to 12. 

The thing is, after the clunkers are shipped to places like Bangladesh and Ecuador those same gas guzzlers miraculously morph into Toyota Priuses and Civic Hybrids.  Voila!  We get them off our streets and roads, the planet’s air becomes pristine, and global warming is over!

One small step for man, one giant leap into fantasy, compliments of your president 

Now it’s time for everyone to join together and sing Kumbaya.