As antithetical as it is to the Christmas spirit of peace on Earth and good will toward all men, the unfortunate reality is that the grossly cynical view of peace as merely a temporary interruption of war is as true today as it ever was. 

As Americans finish up their Christmas shopping and read encouraging, heart-warming stories of troops returning home following the “end” of the Iraqi War, more realistic observers are aware the conflict is far from over and that many of those same soldiers will soon be re-engaging in that and other wars. 

Even more ominous in our unstable world are the activities of America’s primary trading partner, lender of hundreds of billions to our treasury, and our unacknowledged adversary, the Peoples Republic of China, the PRC.   

Almost two years ago, I posted an opinion piece, “The Coming War With China,” which offered the unoriginal theory that the inscrutable Chinese were preparing for an inevitable clash with the only power that stands in the way of their world dominance, the United States. 

Russia continues to make noises and threats asserting its pretensions but, despite Putin’s blustering and new missile development, the time of the Russian Bear passed with the passing of the U.S.S.R. and the best hope the new Russia now has is a military alliance with the PRC when the appropriate time comes for alliances.  

And it will.   

China Carrier   For years, most military analysts felt China did not pose a realistic threat to America and little chance to re-claim what it considers Chinese territory in Taiwan because of a weak, under-equipped navy, particularly a dearth of aircraft carriers. 

That assessment has been changing as rapidly as China’s economic boom has boomed and was recently updated after a commercial American satellite–not the CIA–discovered a Chinese aircraft carrier under way in the Yellow Sea.  Almost as secretive as its ally, North Korea, China originally contended the Varyag, purchased from Ukraine ten years ago, would be converted into a floating casino. 

Something changed and now the PRC is saying the Varyag ”is intended for research and training, which has led to speculation that it plans to build future copies,” according to a Huffington Post report. 

Attempting to save face in the wake of the private satellite photo, our Defense Department expressed no surprise amd suggested the carrier wouldn’t be fully operational for years. (

One re-furbished Soviet carrier does not an attack force make but others could very well be in process, under the un-watchful CIA eyes and insensitive noses. 

  Also, as I pointed out in “The Coming War with China,” there are multiple other indicators that the PRC has been tirelessly preparing for war, all the while alleging purely defensive purposes in a land of 1.3 billion people spread over 3.7 million square miles.

Extensive construction of nuclear fall-out shelters could conceivably be interpreted as defensive precautions. 

However, activities such as conducting research into the vulnerabilities of U.S. power grids, pouring billions of yuan into developing a massive navy, billions more into Latin America and Africa, and moving to displace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency are suggestive of both economic warfare and a less than peaceful intent.

As I rhetorically asked in “The Coming War,” “Why would China be building a massive millitary strike force, extending its reach throughout the globe, manipulating the U.S. economy, plotting an attack on our electric grid, and building fall out shelters?” (     

The quease-inducing answer, my friend, isn’t blowing in the wind.  It’s blowing in the winds of war.