Kim Jong-il (file image)  Normally, it’s proper to show respect for the dead.  Kim Jong-il, the bloodthirsty Communist dictator of North Korea is dead and deserved no respect, proper or otherwise. 

It’s time, though, to reflect on the passing of the man former Democrat president Jimmy Carter and the United Nations mourned and whose designated heir Carter wished great success. 

Apparently born Yuri Irsenovich Kim apparently in Siberia, apparently somewhere Kim decided he wasn’t Siberian and became Kim Jong-il and ruled North Korea in high heels for some 17 years until his apparent death on  December 17th or 19th.   

Many things are only “apparent” regarding the late despot except his official  DPRK titles among which were General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of that country’s National Defense Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army–and unofficial titles of “Dear Leader,” “Generalissimo,” and “Great Father of People.”

My favorite Kim title is ”Biggest Fruitcake on the Asian Stage,” not including Hawaii which President Barack Hussein Obama said recently was in Asia.

Among Kim Jong-il’s accomplishments in the “hermit kingdom” were killing millions of his people, starving millions more, maintaining gulags tenanted by 200,000 political prisoners, and establishing North Korea as the most backward nation on the planet this side of Somalia. 

As North Koreans were eating the bark off trees to ward off starvation, Kim found the funds to develop missile and nuclear capacities to threaten his neighbors, another feather in his cap not cited by either Mr. Carter or the U.N.  

Granted, former President Jimmy Carter has been struggling with senility demons and a desperate search for a legacy following a failed presidency.  

Granted, the United Nations is a boil on the world’s arse controlled by the Third World and struggling to seem relevant and objective. 

However, have Carter and the U.N. lost what remained of their collective minds to, in Jimmy’s case, send condolences to North Korea and best wishes for success to his son Kim Jong-un and, in the sorry case of the United Nations, offer up a moment of silence in dad’s honor?  

Condolences for what?  The loss of a maniacal leader and murderer?  Best wishes for what?  A continuance of national suicide and deprivation?  A moment of silence for what?  To observe the passing of a plague and pestilence?      

Carter and his fellow fruitcakes at the U.N. probably would have grieved the loss of Genghis Khan and Adolph Hitler if they had had the chance.  Another guess is that Genghis and Adolph would have scoffed at Jimmy and his U.N. buddies’ ignorance.

The supreme shame of Carter and the United Nations is not simply their refusal to publicly accept the documented mass abuse of his people by Kim Jong-il but their acceptance of the North Korean status quo rather than use the opportunity to call for changes in its domestic and foreign policies. 

Carter in the past unconditionally praised Yugoslavia’s Marshall Tito, Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu; he seems to have a thing for dictators.  Now he has not only experienced remorse over Kim’s death but expressed his hope of re-visiting North Korea, the scene of his great success in 1993 when he suckered the Clinton administration into facilitating their nuclear ambitions. (  

The U.N. was actually more temperate in its reaction to Kim Jong-il’s death resulting from a heart attack induced by exhaustion, said the North Korean state media, and not because of his heartlessness. 

Citing protocol, the General Assembly, home to mostly Third Worlders, agreed to honor North Korea’s request for a moment of silence in observance of Kim’s  consignment to Hell while the Security Council rejected it with citing nothing an anonymously diplomatic, ”We didn’t think it would be appropriate.”  ( 

There is no fine distinction between what’s ”appropriate” and what’s obscene.  Ignoring versus recognizing a bloody dictator’s genocidal life, as Jimmy Carter and the United Nations have done, is tantamount to complicity in that genocide.  

For aficionados of the bizarre chafing at the bit for more news on the grief-stricken reaction of North Korean bark-eaters to their “Great Father’s” demise, see the DPRK’s website.  If nothing else, the website is a ton of laughs, especially the listing of scores of unsolicited testimonials from Communist grievers.

One of the best tearful remebrances was this gem from the Malta-Korea Friendship Association: ”We feel sympathy with the family members of the Dear Leader in this time of emotional suffering.  Yet we also believe that Comrade Kim Jong Il shall still live on in the hearts of the Korean people and His great achievements will be remembered forever. ( 

Truer words were never written.  Kim Jong-il will surely “be remembered forever” by the people of North Korea every time they switch on a light that doesn’t work, exery time they sit down to a meal of tasty Korean pine, every time they recall a family member in South Korea they may never see again. 

His funeral will be held December 28th, no doubt with Jimmy Carter in attendance.