It was a shock, a shock I tell you, to discover that Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us, was not the brainchild of Frank Costanza, George’s father on “Seinfeld.”  Close enough, it was the creation of “Seinfeld” screenwriter, Daniel O’Keefe, whose family has celebrated Festivus on December 23rd for 45 years.

As such, the faux holiday pre-dated another phony festival, Kwanzaa.  The chief difference between the two is that everyone watching “Seinfeld” knew Festivus was a joke.  Kwanzaa is a joke as well but few people are aware it is also a racist-inspired, Marxist creation of an ex-con black revolutionary.     

Ron Karenga, founder of   Maulana Ron Karenga, born Ronald McKinley Everett, invented Kwanzaa two years after being released from prison.  Along with two others, the cult leader had been convicted of felonious assault and false imprisonment for kidnapping and torturing dissident cult members Deborah Jones and Gail Davis. 

Ms. Jones testified he had ordered them to strip naked and beat them with an electric cord.  Gun in hand, Everett/Karenga supervised as a hot soldering iron and detergent were forced into their mouths and a water hose was turned “full force on their faces.” (  

The inventor of Kwanzaa and co-founder of Organization Us, (United slaves), a black nationalist group implicated in the 1969 murders of two Black Panthers at UCLA, proudly admitted to being a white-hater influenced by the teachings of fellow ex-con and  African-American revolutionary Malcolm X. 

He went on to become a prolific author and Chairman of the Department of Africana Studies at the University of  California, Long Beach. 

Quite the résumé and quite the testimony to the greatness of a country in which a convicted, vicious torturer can rise from the ashes of a career in thuggery and anti-Americanism to the lofty heights of originator of a national holiday, of sorts, and to the prestigious position of departmental chairmanship at a noted university, albeit a California university. 

Maulana Ron Karenga-Elliott is quite the man and Kwanzaa is quite a holiday. 

Precisely what inspired Karenga-Elliott to institute the first black holiday in 1966 in a nation devoid of any “white holidays” is unclear.  However, considering the inventor’s seamy background, Marxist philosophy, and the fact Kwanzaa was hatched at the height of the black power movement, it can reasonably be assumed the inspiration wasn’t love of Caucasians, love of country, or an insatiable desire for peaceful co-existence and integration. 

Like Karenga-Elliott, Kwanzaa is a joke, a fake, and a fraud.  Rather than cause for celebration by African-Americans, it should be regarded as a major embarrassment and a gross insult to America. 

There is certainly nothing intrinsically wrong in celebrating one’s heritage.  The concept of the United States as a “melting pot” is a mischaracterization.  We don’t melt into any pots; we retain much of our cultural identities as evidenced in St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Puerto Rican Day parades, etc. 

However, in years gone by beneath all those festivities, at the root of all that hoopla, was a fundamental Americanism, a realization that nowhere else on the planet can so many disparate peoples enjoy the freedom to celebrate their origins without fear of official disapproval, or worse.  We may be Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans but those designations merely referred to where our forebears came from, not to who we were. 

At least until recently, our allegiance was always to the U.S.A.  Not so with many new immigrants and definitely not so with Kwanzaa. 

Kwanzaa  Kwanzaa has been called, “the black anti-Christmas.” Celebrated December 26th through New Year’s Day, that seems an apt if inadequate description, inadequate since it is so much more than that.  

Kwanzaa represents an effort to undermine if not destroy the meaning of Christmas, its basic principles are couched in terms overflowing with revolutionary instigations, and it doesn’t make sense.

While Chistmas is banned in many localities, Kwanzaa is observed as a mainstream holiday. 

While its seven principles are allegedly based on African tradition, they are filled with Marxist-Leninist collectivist terminology and subtly interspersed with separatist ideology. 

While Kwanzaa is touted as a cultural-harvest festival, it is observed during the winter and has less to do with African culture than it has to do with indoctrination.

Founder Karenga-Elliott claims some 28 million Kwanzaa celebrants worldwide.  Saner social analysts assert 12 million and somewhere between one and five percent of black Americans among its devotees. 

Nevertheless, in the interests of massaging black voters, all American presidents have treated Kwanzaa as if it were a valid and popular holiday.  In the interests of sales promotion and racial peace, businesses display the Kwanzaa candelabrum, a rip-off of the Hanukkah menorrah, in the same way they display Christmas trees–but not Nativity scenes. 

All in all, I prefer Festivus over Kwanzaa.  As pointed out above, at least everyone knows Festivus was a joke and Frank Costanza wasn’t a black racist like Ron Karenga-Elliott.