Bill Clinton’s old Secretary of Labor, the diminutive Robert Reich with an ego the size of Monica Lewinsky, is predicting a 2012 Democrat Party ticket of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton to oppose the yet-to-be-designated Republican nominee.  

In an article appearing on, Reich concludes, “Obama-Clinton 2012.  It’s a natural.”

If that prognostication were not enough to curl conservative hairs, Reich also thinks the bumbler-in-chief, VP Joe Biden, will switch jobs with Hillary and become America’s chief diplomat, Secretary of State, in a second Obama administration. ( 

Alice could not have experienced more bizarre scenarios in that rabbit hole.

Admitting he has no foundation except intuition for his prediction, Reich believes Hillary is needed on the national ticket “to stir the passions” of a disillusioned Democrat base and because “Clinton would help deflect attention from the bad economy and put it on foreign policy, where she and Obama have shined.” 

As an added bonus, Hillary would then be on the fast track for the 2016 Dem nomination. 

  There are more holes in Reich’s theory and in his shining observation than there are on all the golf courses in Hawaii.   

First of all, Hillary would no more accept the second banana slot in 2012 than she would in 2008.  Her ego is a match for Reich’s, who she once dated, and she wants it all or nothing.  The office equivalent to a bucket of warm spit holds no attraction for the Hilderbeast.   

Secondly, in 2016, Mrs. Clinton will be 69, just three years shy of John McCain’s 72 when he ran in 2008 and was widely mocked by Democrats for his age.  And Hillary isn’t aging gracefully.  In fact, she looks like hell. 

Third, she has said she wants no part of further elective office after her stint as Secretary of State is over.  Surely she meant it, even if Bill dreads the prospect.  

Fourth, the thought of Joseph Robinette Biden taking over the reins as director of America’s foreign affairs and chief diplomat-negotiator with the world’s leaders is enough to cause thinking Democrats to stroke out and suggests Robert Reich has reverted to his pot-smoking days at Yale Law School with Bill and Hillary. 

There are also various flies in my Reich-is-nuts ointment.

Mrs. Clinton could figure that her tentative plan to retire and help tend to her grandchildren went out the window with Chelsea’s marriage; she may calculate that the vice presidency is a good move since Obama could die from over-golfing; she might gain some leverage in getting her hubby the job of Secretary of State instead of Biden; she has nothing better to do right now. 

Whatever Hillary’s–and Obama’s–ultimate decisions on the vice presidency, she has a fallback option. 

As outlined here in ”Hillary-Barry, in that Order,”, the Secretary just may have her eyes on the top prize and there is considerable sentiment among Dems for dumping BHO in favor of HRC.  Whether Washington’s chief egomaniac would agree to spend four years in that warm spit bucket is dubious, however.  

In academia where Robert Reich now resides, there’s an ancient axiom: publish or perish.  I’m guessing that when Reich wrote “Obama-Clinton 2012.  It’s a natural,” he was publishing for the sake of publishing, or smoking and inhaling.