A popular misconception created by liberals, is that those dastardly conservatives are mean, nasty, and intolerant.  The truth is precisely the opposite. 

Little surprises me about liberal insensitivity and intolerance anymore even though some things they say, write, and do shock the conscience of anyone with a modicum of decency. 

They have exhibited their true colors over the years, among other exhibitions castigating Sarah Palin for bearing in lieu of aborting her youngest child,  calling Laura Ingraham a “talk slut,” ceaseless fat jokes about Chris Christie, and on and on and on. 

However, nothing has better exposed liberals-leftists-Democrats for what they are than more recent examples of crude, insensitive intolerance toward Rick Santorum.     

  Following in the footsteps of such libs as Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher et al., political commentator Alan Colmes feels free to  launch viciously outrageous ad hominem salvos at conservatives and, like his fellow bomb-throwers, gets away with it. 

Last Monday, Colmes’ hurled his latest insult at GOP presidential contender Santorum during a Fox News segment when he predicted the former Pennsylvania senator’s Iowa surge wouldn’t last. 

That evaluation was reasonable though incorrect, the basis for his view was unreasonable and downright nasty. 

Colmes speculated that voters would turn on Santorum as soon as they “get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after childbirth home and played with it so that his other children would know that the child was real.” 

Rich Lowry rightly and promptly jumped all over Colmes for his “cheap shot” in disgracefully impugning both Santorum and his family and misinterpreting Santorum’s actions after the premature birth and sadly-abbreviated two-hour lifespan of baby Gabriel Santorum in 1996.  

As John Hayward opined on HumanEvents.com, Colmes’ comment “wasn’t a random slip of the tongue” and was planned to demonstrate how proudly astute he is.  Hayward observed that, “For an ostensibly ‘tolerant liberal,’ Colmes is deeply, disturbingly obsessed with cultivating intolerance for this unusual act of devotion.” 

See Hayward’s article and the Colmes-Lowry confrontation on Fox here http://bit.ly/vIoqEP.    

“Ostensibly” is the key word.  For liberals, sensitivity and tolerance are reserved for people who would have aborted Gabriel instead of attempting to save his life. 

That same twisted, restricted sense of “tolerance” extends to how liberals in the mainstream media in America and abroad react to expressions of Muslim faith as opposed to comparable Christian observances. 

Basically in the liberal nutshell: Christians bad, Muslims good.  

Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Tim Tebow, has been lambasted, ridiculed, and abused for what is termed, Tebowing, i.e. kneeling to thank God for his good fortune.  Tebow, a committed Christian, pro-life, decent guy–all of which characteristics rankle liberals–feels it is his right and duty to publicly demonstrate his faith.  

  Arch-leftist Bill Maher actually tweeted following a Broncos’ defeat, “Jesus just f*cked Tebow bad,” without the asterisk, and his lib compatriots have condemned the quarterback in equally, if somewhat more civilized, terminology. 

Lord only knows what Maher the Troll will tweet should the Broncos lose to the Steelers on Sunday! 

Then there’s the Islamic side of the liberal coin, a seemingly boundless love and tolerance for the religion that inspired Mohammad Atta to scream, “Alahu akbar!” as he slammed  American Airlines Flight 11 into the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.  

Whether out of fear of violent Muslim retaliation or in deference to a president who has shown unusual affinity with Islam, the MSM invariably defend  Muslims’ right to pray five times daily by students in public schools and universities, by taxi drivers in Detroit, and by travellers in airports. 

In Europe, which is rapidly-devolving into an Islamic continent, church bells have been silenced at Manchester’s St. Mary the Virgin where they have been sounded for 400 years since they bothered Muslim neighbors yet a liberal Brit pol wants to grant permission for mosques to broadcast calls to prayer over loudspeakers five times daily. (http://bit.ly/behrqD)  

In America, the leftist war on Christianity has been raging for decades. 

Catholic liberals at Georgetown University covered the deeply-religious symbol “IHS” because President Obama objected.   Supported by the liberal community, George Washington University Law School professor John Banzhaf protested on behalf of the 91 Muslim students at the 7,000-student Catholic University of America to the presence of crucifixes on campus.  (http://bit.ly/wqbP3m) 

And, not a peep from the bastions of liberal tolerance.   

Church bells and Christian symbols are repugnant to the intolerant left; Muslim anti-Christian demands are lauded and Tim Tebow is reviled.                


The vile, insensitive intolerance of leftists the world over is only exceeeded by a gross hypocrisy which has no problem with an Alan Colmes, with a Bill Maher, or with intolerant Muslim bigots but which holds Christians in contempt.  

Anyone else see the hypocrisy?