Karl Heinrich Marx was a brilliant man.  The sage co-founder of one of the two principal social scouges of the twentieth century knew the surest path to godless tyranny was centralized control of  schools,  colleges, and universities.  

Marx recognized Communism-Marxism’s critical need to propagandize the young in order to rid them of anti-proletariat ideas inculcated by parents and churches and for public schools to adopt curricula that denies God, morality,  traditional family values, the concept of private ownership of property, and to stoke class warfare. 

If any of that sounds familiar, it should.  America is experiencing Marxism-in-action today as seen not only in tax policies but in the widespread, leftist radicalism on college campuses and public schools becoming hotbeds of social brainwashing to complement the deteriorization of standards and learning.

We are seeing the patently unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government into local education with dictates, mandates, and oversights by the U.S. Department of Education as it rapidly centralizes control of American education.

We are witnessing the leftist National Education Association busily engaged in discouraging parental choice and home-schooling and fully endorsing those federal intrusions while pushing for inclusion and diversity instead of more effective education.

We are burdened with local districts too feckless to denounce governmental encroachments and administrators too imbued with liberal doctrine to resist the leftward lurch toward the Marxist ideals embraced by our president.   

To be sure, there were unmistakable signs of controlled centralization- indoctrination long before the election of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Since 2009, however, those signs have developed into a full-blown tsunami of Marxist doctrinaires and godless subversives acting under the guise of educators, all of whom were committed adherents to Obama’s twisted Marxist philosophy, many of whom signed on to his carefully-designed cult of personality. 

At first, it was comical when schools like one in Hempstead, New York re-named themselves after Obama even before he was elected.  Another in Asbury Park, New Jersey did likewise, before it was closed last July.

Throughout the nation, countless schools, localities, school districts, and streets changed names in honor of someone whose primary claim to fame was his (partial) blackness, whose father was a Marxist, and who has governed as if he dreams  the collectivist dreams of his father. 

Indoctrination of children comes in many colors.  One favorite ploy is the use of songs. 

A classic was the ditty composed by a black New Jersey teacher in 2009 who  forced her class to sing a paean to their new god.  Its unmemorable  lyrics included, Mmm, mmm, mm!/Barack Hussein Obama/He said that all must lend a hand/To make this country strong again. . .”  It gets worse with, ”Mmm, mmm, mm!/ Barack Hussein Obama/Yes!” 

See the complete version and a parody of “Mmm, Mmm, Mm!” here http://bit.ly/zzAXfN

The parody is a vast improvement: “Mmm, mmm, mm!/Barack Hussein Obama/He said we must pay the man/To make this country strong again/Taking your money doesn’t matter/’cause we know He can spend it better. . .”

That song is old hat now.  Obamamarxists have expanded their musical vistas to incorporate anarchic elements in their efforts to undermine values and seduce children into believing chaos and revolution were superior to order and civilized behavior. 

Woodbrook Elementary School in Charlottesville, Virginia evidently adheres to the philosophy of brainwashing kids with song while they’re young.  Last October, Woodbrook went after third graders with a sing-along titled, “Part of the 99,” an obvious reference to the Occupy class warfare movement.    

Bemoaning the sad state of the economy, the musical treat includes such lines as, “Some people have it all/But they still don’t think they have enough/They want more money/A faster ride/They’re not content/Never satisfied/Yes–they’re the 1 percent.” 

It, too, gets better.  Not satisfied with echoing the OWS and ripping into alleged American greed, Woodbrook campaigns for the liberal mantras of mediocrity and discouraging competition in the rousing finish of its unrhymed  propaganda: “You don’t need to be first/’Cause I’ve got my friends/Here by my side/Don’t need it all/I’m so happy to be part of the 99.” 

See the full text of “Part of the 99″ here http://bit.ly/uRCYOY.

CBSWashingtondc.com explained the that the national uproar over the Marxist flavor of “Part of the 99″ was totally unfounded because, as Albemarle County schools spokesman Phil Giaramita pointed out, the words “Occupy” or “Wall Street” were never even mentioned in the the classroom. (http://cbsloc.al/yJyveM) 

Implicit in Giaramita’s defense of the song is the idea that 8 year olds conceived of the idea of glorifying a radical, socialistic movement.  Anyone believing that tripe is in dire need of an education.         

Of course, absolute mind control requires more than kids singing propagandistic melodies.  It demands centralized controllers to guide the proles and the president has installed like-minded manipulators to implement his Marxist schemes and to deflect attention from them.  

Thus, the Education Department under the aegis of Obama-buddy Arne Duncan, who was educated in elite institutions and whose only contact with public schools may have been when he voted there, has assigned full blame for the failure of black students to learn and graduate to, what else, blatant discrimination. 

Ignoring the average African-American home life, motivation, and crime statistics, Duncan has referred to schools as “dropout factories” instead of providing concrete suggestions on how to educate and advocating a sense of discipline to make education possible.

Another requisite is subverting pedagogy and cloaking education with the mantle of social guidance.  Obama has taken care of that subterfuge, as well. 

Czar Kevin Jennings at the  Until recently, professed homosexual Kevin Jennings held the official post of Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education. 

Unofficially, Jennings served as the president’s “Safe School Czar,” despite his history as a gay activist who condoned child molestation and who was far less concerned with education than with promoting his GLSEN agenda and destroying the nation’s moral value system.   

For clarification on Sec. Duncan and Deputy Sec. Jennings’ tactics, see “Hope and Failure in America’s Schools.” (http://bit.ly/wvBIs5) 

Karl Marx is, thankfully, long dead.  However, his theories and outline for converting a country from a God-fearing, freedom-loving, educated nation predicated on free enterprise and individual liberty into a Marxist state are alive and well in Barack Obama’s Washington.  

Postscript: A small glimmer of hope for the United States was detected in the affluent suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio when students laughed at Obama when he said they inspired him. (http://bit.ly/zxbgXh)  

Hey, small glimmers are still glimmers, right?