Scratch a liberal often enough and you’ll always uncover a bigot–and a hypocrite.

No less a figure than George Lucas of Star Wars fame has discovered that fact of life and called out Hollywood liberals–if that’s not redundant–for its racism. 

Accused of racism himself after the release of Star Wars due to the lack of inclusion of blacks, Lucas should have been prepared for the racial politics that exists in the Movie Capital of the World. 

  The famous film producer didn’t, couldn’t, express his feelings in those terms since he still has to work in Tinsel Town but he left no doubt what he meant during an appearance on ultra-liberal Jon Stewart’s ”Daily Show.”  

The subject of Lucas’ charge concerned his film about the segregated Tuskegee Airmen in WWII, Red Tails, and Hollywood’s monumental disinterest in  distributing the movie or having anything to do with it because, as he told Stewart, “It’s an all black movie.  There’s no major white roles in it at all.  It’s one of the first all black action pictures ever made.” 

He also described Red Tails as “very patriotic, very jingoistic, very old-fashioned, corny,” which may have been another factor in Hollywood’s refusal to assist Lucas even though he financed the filming on his own. 

Bigotry is acceptable in Tinsel Town but they cringe at patriotism there saying, “No.  We don’t know how to market a movie like this. . . And they don’t believe there’s any foreign market for it.  That’s 60 percent of their profit.”

See a brief clip from the film and Stewart’s sit-down with George Lucas here

In other words, the big wigs wouldn’t distribute Red Tails because it was all about blacks, was patriotic AND, as is typical with “black movies,”didn’t have enough profit potential to stuff their wallets. 

Maybe if Lucas’ next effort involves African-Americans bad-mouthing their country, he’d get more support from Hollywood hypocrites. 

Hypocrisy–and deception–are rampant in Liberal Land and the current effort to resurrect and refurbish President Barack Hussein Obama’s mentor and pastor of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, is probably the most blatant in Washington. 

In the event no one has noticed, 2012 is an election year and the president is in the process of “pulling a Clinton,” that is, ostensibly moving to the middle of the socio-political spectrum, transforming into a “moderate,” in hopes of concealing the extremist changes and dashed hopes of the past three years. 

With the economy still a mess, there’s little hope in the White House of restoring any real economic hope before November 6th so rehabilitating  Obama’s radical background is one way he can forestall anticipated Republican campaign attacks on his extremist past and his far-out leftist associations.  

Jeremiah Wright: Obama Not  Obama’s old buddies, the un-reconstructed revolutionary Bill Ayers is as out there as he ever was preaching revolt to the Occupy Wall Street anarchists  and Rev. Michael Pfleger has never given up his message of self-hating race hatred. 

However, Rev. Wright has been relatively less-incendiary–relatively–since candidate Obama disowned him under pressure in the heat of the last campaign. 

Therefore, close presidential adviser and confidante, David Axelrod, figured this was a good a time as any to re-hab the good reverend so that the Republican nominee can’t beat his boss over the head with Wright.  Since the mainstream media ably assisted last time around in hiding the intimate Obama-Wright connection, the MSM should be onboard again.    

Notwithstanding Wright’s history of denouncing white people as congenital liars, his mindless, vicious allegations that America brought on September 11th, 2001, that we caused the AIDS virus, that America is under the control of the KKK and supports terrorism, plus a slew of other craziness, Axelrod is defending the certifiable racist nut. 

Axelrod contends that all the criticism boils down to “ninety seconds of vitriol plucked from thirty years of sermons by some enterprising opposition researcher.”  

Either David is smoking what his hero smoked for years, and it’s not cigarettes, or he has evolved into a bigger nutcase than Rev. Wright. 

See a video report on Axelrod’s hypocritical historical revisionism here 

Unfortunately, we’ve come to expect lies and hypocrisy from politicians but when the hypocritical lies and hypocrisy emanate from PBS we should be positively aghast. 

(How’s that for verbal irony?) 

Harry Belafonte recently  The ungrateful King of Calypso, Harry Belafonte, who would have spent his life warbling tunes in Jamaica instead of becoming a warbling pop-fave in America if not for the fact he was educated in the U.S. and knew where the money was, has often ripped the country that saved him from warbling anonymity. 

Belafonte departed from that norm on the black racist Tavis Smiley’s PBS show  “Smiley and West” co-hosted by the even more rabid white-hater Cornel West. 

Maybe attributable to his age–84 at last count and he had recently fallen asleep on-air during a television interview–Belafonte went far afield of the racist-leftist reservation when he actually criticized The Anointed One. 

Well, yes and no.  Belafonte criticized and PBS exorcized his negative critique.  

Smiley had recently been disinvited from speaking at the White House MLK festivities for voicing his disenchantment with the president for not doing enough for African-Americans so he, and PBS, had some fence-mending to do. 

Therefore, when Belafonte indicated he didn’t Obama and doubted his “moral compass,” some damage control was called for.  That control was implemented by Belafonte’s remarks being mysteriously edited out before the audio was fed to PBS affiliates and were censored from the transcipt of the show.  

“Smiley and West” producers now say the remarks were deleted because they simply weren’t “interesting.” 

Most people would consider the comments of a noted, former presidential-supporter turned presidential-critic of great interest but judge for yourself how interesting they are by comparing the original broadcast and the expurgated versions: 

“Interesting” must be all in the ear of the listener–and in the hypocritical eye of PBS censors. 

A final instance of liberal hypocrisy is barely worth mentioning.  However, since it is remarkably laughable, I’ll mention it anyway: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, an avid Obama acolyte yet apparently unaware the president is a blithering idiot absent his teleprompter, ridiculed Mitt Romney’s use of a teleprompter. (

Enough said.