Anyone who has closely or even cursorily followed the actions, declarations, and proposals of candidate Barack Hussein Obama and the enacted socio-economic policies of the Obama presidency has to be aware that he represents the greatest threat to domestic and international tranquility in the history of the United States. 

Obama’s slip-of-the-lip to Joe the Plumber in 2008 that his intent was to “share the wealth” should have alerted Americans to his radical Marxist inclinations, but it didn’t. 

His repeated statements pitting rich against the poor, the haves against those who haven’t, should have informed the electorate that he was launching class warfare, but they didn’t. 

His Justice Department’s black racist decisions and his demeaning of white Americans should have shown he was fostering racial antagonisms and pitting race against race, but they didn’t.  

His foisting of Obamacare on the American people, a socialistic scheme designed to kill off the sick and elderly patterned on Britain’s failed NHS, should have proven he was far more committed to his legacy than to the well-being of Americans, but it didn’t. 

His enthusiastic support for the revolutionist Occupy movement intent on subverting the capitalist system that has made America great should have been a giveaway that Obama wasn’t a real American, but it didn’t.

None of that evidence was sufficient to convince Obama idolators who still mindlessly subscribed to their illusion of Barack was their dream rather than what he is, a nightmare and a fraud. 

The president’s designated apologist, Press Secretary Jay Carney, was hit with an easy question at his Monday press briefing, a simple query as to whether a picture of Saul Alinsky hangs in the White House.  The reporter was motivated to ask since Newt Gingrich has reasonably claimed Obama’s vision comes from the man who coined the term, “community organizer,” Saul David Alinsky. 

Amid titters, Carney scoffed, waffled, defended his boss’s background as a Chicago “community organizer,” and replied without answering the qustion, ”I’ll just leave it at that.” 

See Carney dance around Saul Alinsky here

I doubt there’s a framed portrait of Alinsky in the executive mansion.  There would be no need since Alinsky extremist socialism is firmly embedded in this president’s psyche and philosophy so who needs a picture?

  Alinsky never became a registered Communist.  He was so full of chutzpa that he refused to be bound by Communism’s “doctrinaire, humorless and intellectually constipated” rigidity.  Instead, he blazed his own trail of doctrinaire, humorless, intellectually constipated independence that served to supplement Communism’s and which, if anything, was more radical.  

He virtually invented the job of community organizer, a euphemism for a rabble-rouser engaged in stirring social discontent and societal revolution and developed that profession on the streets of Chicago, the same streets on which his disciple Obama later practiced Alinskyite tactics.

As Linn and Ari Armstrong noted, “Beneath his [Alinsky's] platitudes about democracy and the ‘importance and worth in the individual,’ Alinsky reveals his core goal: to ‘use power for a more equitable distribution of the means of life for all people.’ “

Sound familiar?  It should because Obama said much the same thing when he told Joe the Plumber that his aim was to “spread the wealth around” through political force.

In another relevant observation, the Armstrongs cited Alinsky’s views that “Mankind has been and is divided into three parts: the Haves, the Have-Nots,” and those in between.   He sought to instruct the Have-Nots on “how to take [power] away from the Haves” premised on the jaded idea that some people unfairly become wealthy and thus making class warfare an inevitablity. ( 

That explains Carney’s evasiveness and should also ring a chord of familiarity considering Obama’s recent pronunciations on inequitable taxation of the rich and his implication that it was time to rectify that inequity.

Communism’s and Alinsky’s precepts of discontent and revolution, as delineated in Reville for Radicals and Rules for Radicals, failed to take hold in America as the country worked–and warred–its way out of the Great Depression and abandoning capitalism became antithetical to a new American prosperity. 

Thanks to Obama’s Great Recession, in the past few months we have witnessed a resurgence of that goal in the persons of the extremist and anarchic Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Everything, Occupy Everywhere crowd dedicated to the principles of upheaval, revolution, and trashing capitalism as Saul Alinsky preached and Obama subtly implies.   

Those goals are advancing toward fruition as the Obama’s Occupiers descend deeper into utter chaos and drag the nation with them. 

  The world’s foremost hypocritical capitalist–and Occupy  financier–György  Schwartz, aka George Soros, who made his billions by taking advantage of capitalism, is predicting that fruition in the form of an imminent class war in the United States.  

Quoting from an interview in the leftist Newsweek, John Arlidge wrote that the 81 year old Schwartz-Soros anticipates that war, as well as almost-worse scenarios:  “a general retrenchment in the developed world, . . . a decade of more stagnation,” deflation of world currencies, and a potential “collapse of the financial system.”  (  

For insights into the character, history, and devilish visions of the multibillionaire, see also “The Evil that is György Schwartz-Soros,”

If we are to believe Soros, Alinsky, common sense, and tea leaves, it would seem the hopes and expectations of Barack Obama are on the verge of fulfillment, that Obama has almost achieved the overriding ambition of his administration, the destruction of America as we once knew it. 

Maybe fellow radical Michelle Obama will once again be proud of her country as it disintegrates.