In yet another effort to suck up to Latinos by pushing the so-called “DREAM Act,” a euphemistic acronym for the proposed law attempting to win votes by granting Latinos permanent residency in the United States, President Barack Hussein Obama has shown he is far more interested in re-election than in a commitment to the nation’s territorial integrity. 

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act has been kicking around Congress for a decade and has been repeatedly rejected primarily since it rewards illegal aliens for an alien invasion. 

The DREAM Act would ostensibly reward children of alien invaders ”of good moral character” with permanent residency if they have lived in the U.S. for five years, graduated  from an accredited high school, and attended college for two years. 

Or, illegals up to age 35–far beyond the status of “children”–may qualify if they had “served in the armed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, received an honorable discharge.”    

The stated rationale for the proposed legislation?  Extending America’s gracious hand to people who are already in residence, who we can’t figure out how to get rid of, and who haven’t committed crimes they have been caught committing.  The effective result?  The Democrat Party adds up to 2.1 million grateful Latino voters to its ranks.    

  Florida Republican Rep. David Rivera, reasoning that, “If somebody is willing to die for America, then certainly they deserve a chance at life in America,” wants to change the DREAM Act to the ARMS Act, the Adjusted Residency for Military Service Act.

He proposes scrapping the college feature in favor of restricting the path to citizenship to those who serve in the military. ( 

Without precisely articulating his reasoning in these words, Rep. Rivera obviously believes that attending 2 years of college hardly constitutes sufficient merit to earn a free pass for anyone who shouldn’t be squatting here in the first place and who, in a number of states, is getting preferential treatment simply because they are here. 

According to the, Rivera, a New York city native, was inspired to introduce the ARMS Act as a response to last week’s Republican debate in Florida. 

In that debate, Mitt Romney endorsed a DREAM Act that limited benefits to illegals who had served in the military, a position roughly equivalent to that of Rivera’s choice, Newt Gingrich, who supports legal residency but not citizenship for invaders. 

In any event, the whole issue of DREAM versus ARMS is academic at this point. 

Rep. Rivera’s bill has as much chance of passage in the Democrat Senate as the Democrat dream has in the Republican House.  The only possibility for any sanity with regard to the problem of illegal aliens is the election on November 6th of someone with more concern for national integrity than for votes.