goofy-ugy-face-michelle-obama  Over the years, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama has often been gracious enough to express her heartfelt opinions. 

From her racially-charged senior thesis at Princeton University in which she  conceded feeling uncomfortable being black in a white society to her admission of never having felt any pride in her country, our First Lady has always been forthcoming and has exemplified an incisive awareness of her beloved United States of America. 

Uninformed, mean-spirited critics of Mrs. Obama can launch vicious attacks on her all they want but they only display their total lack of couth and incredible ignorance when they call her names and disparage her many accomplishments, fashion sense, personal attributes, and keen knowledge. 

After all, didn’t she–on national television, no less–just persuade Jay Leno to munch his first apple in 28 years!  

And, was Mamie Eisenhower ever denigrated as a mooch?  Was Jackie Kennedy ever described as class-less?  Was Lady Bird Johnson ever castigated for wearing a purple dress to a state dinner?  Was Laura Bush ever criticized for using Air Force One as her valet service?  Were any other First Ladies in the last century derided merely for wanting to be involved in affairs of state? 

Okay, Democrats Edith Wilson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalynn Carter, and Hillary Clinton were but they were Democrat exceptions.  However, attacks on Michelle are clear evidence of that racism she alluded to at Princeton.   

And, the uncouth, racist meanness persists. 

Dastardly accusations that Michelle Obama is a spendthrift on taxpayer money simply because she likes to vacation, claims that she is a hypocrite for advocating for better nutrition and against childhood obesity while she scarfs down grossly-fattening foods, and allegations she lies and doesn’t know what she’s talking about are absolutely unacceptable! 

Then came all those preposterous lies about Michelle’s prejudices and ambitions in Jodi Kantor’s new book The Obamas, all fabrications that ”upset” her, even though she didn’t read the book.

So, too, did the silly, published baloney that when she worked in Mayor Daley’s City Hall, she was “distressed” over “white Irish Catholic” families–the Daleys, the Hynes and the Madigans–who “locked up” power in Illinois.”  ( 

Good grief!  Michelle loves Chicago where she was born and where Barack made his name “organizing communities” and she positively adores the state of Illinois where more governors have been sent to prison in her lifetime than have been elected!  

What’s not to love?   

A prime example of the baseless charge that our FLOTUS is out of touch with reality is the ridicule being heaped upon her regarding her obviously-accurate  reference to the nation’s “remarkable progress” in America’s economic well-being since her hubby took control. 

As the erudite economic guru said to a bunch of well-heeled Hollywood one-percenters on Tuesday, ”In the last three years, we’ve worked hard to get out of this mess and we’ve made some remarkable progress.” 

She didn’t cite any actual economic progress but did mention accomplishments on healthcare reform, the removal of troops from Iraq and the repeal of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ among other items on the list of ‘promises kept’ touted by Obama’s reelection campaign.”  (

Disregard her use of the ”we” pronoun, the analysis of the economy, and the comment on DADT. 

Saying “we” in no way implied that Mrs. Obama exercised an overbearing hand in extricating us from “this mess,” the fact our economy is messier than under GWB, and the economic irrelevancy of Barack succeeding in integrating openly homosexuals into our armed forces which only served to placate Hollywood and was not intended to be serious. 

It’s time for carping Republican to recognize that our FLOTUS is as brilliant as she is beautiful, as brilliant as our POTUS and that they dislike both Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama because they’re black, not because he’s an incompetent socialist and she’s, well, Michelle. 

(Signed with love and kisses, Michelle Obama)