Two centuries ago, the English poet William Wordsworth wrote that “the world is too much with us,” essentially meaning that even in the early 1800′s humanity was too consumed with material things and the affairs of the day to smell the roses.

The alternative is escapism, ignoring what’s going on in the world around us, which can be worse than materialism.

Some subjects like war and peace, politics and all its ramifications, religion and all its controversy, politics and all its dirt, and the Super Bowl with all its manic craziness just can’t be avoided. Hence, I’m offering a few� random, unsolicited commonsensical solutions for current issues.  They are admittedly far from original but are thoughts worth repeating.

Flag of Iran  IRAN: Except maybe for some Iranians, few sane people believe the Islamic Republic of Iran is developing a nuclear program at the same time it’s developing short�and long-range missile technology in the interests of providing nuclear-generated electricity in a land with more oil resources than indoor toilets.

As they stall for time to execute their avowed plan to eradicate Israel from the face of the planet and ignite a worldwide cataclysm to bring about the End Times, Iran’s president and ayatollahs must be chuckling in their hummus as America’s president continues his asinine quest for dialogue with maniacs in lieu of confronting the reality that Islam is thirsting for the Apocalypse.

COMMON SENSE SOLUTION: Not that they need it, but Israel should forget waiting for a green light from America’s Waffler-in-Chief and launch a pre-emptive strike to eliminate the Iranian threat sooner rather than later.  More stalling will only make the job harder and the US will be blamed no matter what happens.

War sucks but it sure beats Armageddon.

POLITICS: The inherently dirty business of politics has gotten dirtier by the week in the past year with the president’s attack/slime machine in overgear and Republicans engage in internecine warfare which only serves to furnish campaign fodder for Obama and to enhance the egos of the GOP candidates.

The president’s billion dollar re-election effort, ably-assisted by his mainstream media, has already dismantled Michelle Bachmann, Herman Caine, and Rick Perry and is prepared to destroy whomever is eventually nominated to oppose him.  The remaining hopefuls can only bring on greater damage to themselves and to the GOP if they allow the bloodletting to persist.

funny Barack Obama  When the Muslim-tainted Obama resorted to citing Jesus Christ and the Golden Rule as inspirations for class warfare and Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast, they had to realize he will stop at nothing in order to get the opportunity for four more years to drag the nation into oblivion.  (

COMMON SENSE SOLUTION: Let’s face it, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul are all flawed, especially in the eyes of conservatives but also in general perceptions. However, character and ideological flaws–think Clinton and Obama–haven’t precluded anyone from being elected president in the last half-century, although Republicans have committed political suicide by failing to support their nominee–think Goldwater.

The GOP candidates must consider the alternative if one of them doesn’t win in November.  They should cease campaigning and bad-mouthing, allow future caucus and primary chips fall where they may, and if one of them fails to win 1144 delegates by the time of the August National Convention, let the convention decide who is best able to defeat Obama.

THE BIBLE: The best-selling book in history known as the Bible is considered the written representation of the Word of God by Jews and Christians alike and has been in existence for millennia during which time various versions have been published.  No publication of the Bible’s New Testament has ever contradicted a central Christian belief in God as the Father and Jesus Christ as His Son–until now.

Three allegedly reputable Christian organizations, the Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, and Mission Frontiers have now published Bibles that can best be termed politically correct, at worst Muslim-approved versions of the Scriptures.

One excises the words “Father” in favor of “Lord,” another substitutes “Allah” for “Father,” a third employs the Turkish (Islamic) “guardian” instead of “Father” and “representative” or “proxy” in lieu of “Son.”  (

Apparently, Muslims don’t appreciate “fathers” and “sons” in religious contexts any more than they value women and daughters in any context and nouveau-Christians have opted to cater to their whims rather than be true to the Word of God.

COMMON SENSE SOLUTION: Reciprocate in kind to the Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, and Frontiers Missions by ignoring them just as they have ignored fundamental teachings of the Bible. Their stated intent to spread the Word to Muslims and others is admirable, their methods are as abominable as their distortions.

The Super Bowl has been the  THE SUPER BOWL: No need for elaboration here.  Tom Coughlin’s-Eli Manning’s New York Giants won’t beat the pants off Bill Belichick’s-Tom Brady’s Patriots but the Giants will win by three.  Case closed.

My random thoughts on war, religion, and politics are contestible but my observations on a Giants’ victory in the Super Bowl are incontrovertible, no matter what William Wordsworth would have thought.