The huge flap over the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation’s decision to cease funding Planned Parenthood of America, PPOA, and then to rescind that recission is nothing more than a tempest in the abortion teapot.  It’s also an excellent example of the power of bullying.

The Susan G. Komen for the  Susan G. Komen for the Cure is as dedicated to curing breast cancer as Planned Parenthood is dedicated to killing the pre-born.  However, when the foundation pulled its funding of PPOA last week, it was a wake-up call, if one were needed, that libs are far more concerned for preserving abortion rights than they are with preserving the lives of women.  

Under a torrent of incensed bullying attacks, the foundation quickly seemed to reverse its decision though not before libs launched a withering onslaught of abuse of Komen. 

The bullying died down following the apparent reversal, which is ironic since the foundation simply decided to adhere to its previous commitment to pay PPOA over half a million dollars but would provide no additional funding  because, despite its advertising, the nation’s most profitable and prolific abortionists doesn’t give a damn about breast cancer. 

Komen caved to the bullying tactics then made it clear it won’t support organizations not engaged in breast cancer research or treatment or if they are proven guilty of criminal activities,

As background, Susan Komen died at age 36 in 1980, a victim of the plague of breast cancer after her sister Nancy Goodman Brinker swore to her that she would do all she could to eradicate that scourge. 

Ms, Brinker subsequently founded the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for the cancer that killed her sister and she has raised almost two billion dollars since 1982 to combat the disease. 

As with other cancer research, there have been amazing advancements in treatments and cures thanks to Brinker’s and others’ efforts but Brinker’s foundation came under attack for an issue totally unrelated to saving the lives of women but very relevant to saving the lives of the pre-born.  

Planned Parenthood of America’s principal business is abortion, 300,000 annually.  The Susan G. Koman for the Cure foundation’s ultimate goal is preserving the lives of all women and the mothers of those innocents, an aim as antithetical to PPOA’s aims as life is to death. 

Under investigation for such illegal practices as providing late-term abortions, for aborting the babies of minors, encouraging teen prostitution, sex-trafficking of young girs, and other crimes, PPOA’s taxpayer-support to the tune of $363 million may also be cut off. 

Abby Johnson, a former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood facility who resigned, put those purposes in perspective. 

Johnson wrote, “At my clinic, we didn’t have cancer screening quotas to fill–we had abortion quotas to fill, because that’s what made us money.  In fact, Planned Parenthood isn’t even allowed to perform anything other than manual breast exams . . .We would send low-income women to a mammography and diagnostic center that would provide the services for free.” (

Nevertheless, the MSM created a tempest by claiming Komen would effectively be responsible for inhibiting the search for a breast cancer cure by de-funding an organization that does little to nothing to fight the disease.  PPOA admits it doesn’t even provide mammograms or breast screenings.   

The big money for the billion dollar Planned Parenthood is in killing babies so why would it get involved in saving lives when abortion brings in the bread? 

Andrea Mitchell: Obama Not  Andrea Mitchell, a breast cancer survivor, leftist MSNBC hostess and commentator, went on a rambling rant in expressing her outrage over the original Komen decision.  Citing her personal experiences, Martin Luther King, Jr., her defense of civil rights, etc., Mitchell seemed oblivious of the fact PPOA has virtually nothing to do with preventing and curing breast cancer. 

When anyone is even perceived as endangering the liberal sacrament of abortion, leftists tend to become more incoherent than usual. contends Mitchell “brought passion” to the Komen-PPOA story.  She only brought irrationality.     

Breast cancer is an insidious disease that has afflicted millions of Americans as well as members of my own family.  It’s a pity that leftists made it a political football by ignorantly bullying Susan G. Komen for the Cure.