Jon McNaughton Painting Depicts Barack Obama Trampling on U.S. Constitution  President Barack Hussein Obama may trample on the Constitution, invoke the name of Jesus Christ to further his re-election, and deny Catholics religious freedom with Obamacare–and that’s only in the last week–but, to his credit, has not turned the White House into a whorehouse unlike some of his fellow Democrats. 

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a noted womanizer and James Earl Carter admitted to lusting in his heart but apparently neither used the executive mansion as a bawdy house.  William Jefferson Clinton and John Fitzgerald Kennedy did. 

Of course, Clinton’s sexual abandon and paramours were legendary prior to his winning election in 1992, even if his mainstream media chose to conceal them from the public.  His trysts that stained the Oval Office carpet, Monica Lewinsky’s famous blue dress, and the dignity of the presidency could almost have been expected. 

Kennedy was known as a lady’s man in Washington before he became America’s 35th president.  However, his various assignations with Marilyn Monroe and other women were not revealed until well after his assassination, a delay once again attritutable to the liberal MSM covering for one of their own. 

Once upon a Secret  The truth will eventually out and Mimi Beardsley Alford has now outed Jack as a seducer of teenagers, a drug pusher, and a pimp, all harsh descriptions, all confirmed by Alford’s new tell-all, Once Upon a Secret: My Secret Affair with JFK.       

Such belated revelations are often as trashy as they are fictional and Mrs. Alford’s motivations in publishing her secret of half a century must be called into question considering the embarrassment it has to cause for her children and grandchildren.   

Who knows?  She may need the money, she may need to clear her aging conscience, she may still be hurting from Jack’s ultimate rejection fifty years back, she may want revenge, or she may simply be trying to rectify the historical record that JFK was a family man. 

No matter what she says, Mrs. Alford’s most valid defense for her memoir should be that she was a 19 year old White House intern and virgin in 1962.  She was seduced and degraded by a 45 year old man who happened to be the President of the United States and one of the most powerful men on the planet. 

I will leave the decision to the reader to read the smarmy details provided in Once Upon a Secret: My Secret Affair with JFK.  Just the outline of Mrs. Alford’s White House experiences should be a sufficiency.

According to her memoir, Jack lured Miss Beardsley into First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s bedroom.  That effort worked.  He plied her with booze.  She willingly indulged.  He offered her to his buddy, Dave Powers, to relieve his stress, which she did.  He suggested she do the same for Teddy Kennedy, which she refused to do.  He tried to get her to take pain drugs prescribed for him, which she also refused. 

No one is saying Republicans are all sacrosanct though any rational political observer has to concede that Democrats have a serious issue with keeping their pants on and, in JFK’s case, sharing their conquests and drugs with friends and relatives. 

If I had my druthers, I’d sooner Obama be a lecher and drug pusher than  what he is.