A favorite buzz word of Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign for the presidency, aside from his vague invocation of “change,” was “transparency.”

Transparency may not be as vague a concept as change but it has become the biggest prevarication of Obama’s presidency especially when it comes to the abomination of Obamacare.

For the edification of this administration, in a political context, “transparent” is defined by Merriam-Webster as ”free from pretense or deceit : frank b : easily detected or seen through : obvious c : readily understood d : characterized by visibility or accessibility of information.”

Nowhere in that definition is any allusion to subterfuge and opaqueness which have supplanted any semblance of the transparent in the executive and congressional machinations surrounding the effort to change how Americans receive medical treatment.

Good grief, Barry!  I really hope you and your cohorts don’t actually believe the mass of Americans are so stupid that they can’t see through your carefully-crafted deceptions.

Most Americans are not mind-numbed ACORN-ers who slavishly tow the socialistic, Obama-line and suck up the propaganda out of Washington these days.  Nor are we about to be suckered into believing Obamacare includes anything approximating Americans’ concerns for their health interests.

So much is pouring out of D.C. of late, little of which is encouraging, that, by design, it’s difficult to keep up with it all. 

That technique could be called, “Toss all kinds of BS against the wall and hope some of it sticks,” or, “Hit ‘em with a disinformation overload and hope they give up in frustration.”

Sorry, Obamians!  Again, the vast majority of us are not members of ACORN.  In other words, we think.

To keep real Americans abreast of the latest developments in the effort to seduce us into buying into Obamacare, here’s a quick summary of the latest news from the health front:

Baucus Bill Will Make Medical Deductions Out of Reach for Millions:  It’s difficult enough for most people to meet the uncovered medical threshhold of 7.5% of AGI for IRS itemizers.  The Baucus senate bill would hike that to 10%, making all those juicy medical deductions impossible to claim for millions: http://bit.ly/Sqrt2.

Another New England Defection: Maine’s other RINO, Republicans in Name Only, Sen. Susan Collins, has announced she will join her fellow defector from the Republican Party, Sen. Olympia Snowe in supporting Obamacare.  Following Snowe’s lead on Tuesday, Collins mimicked Snowe with her reservation, “it needs substantial additional work:” http://bit.ly/2KqZ0d.

Chicanery on the Finance Committee: Baucus’ committee proudly alleged the “full text” of its euphemistically labeled “America’s Healthy Future Act” would be posted on its website.  It then pulled the rug on the public by posting barely a quarter, the “plain English” version of the bill: http://bit.ly/DOFoK.  (It’s not an act until and unless it’s passed into law, Mr. Baucus.)

Senate Retreats Behind Closed Doors: In a companion piece to the above story, Senate leaders went into hiding to hammer out the Obamacare details, thereby shutting down all public opposition and adding to the clandestine flavor of the entire process rather than debating the issues on the floor of the Senate.  Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said the legislation would place the nation on a “slippery slope to more and more government control of health care:” http://bit.ly/Z1ei3

Covering Abortions in Obamacare Is A Given: Abortion enthusiasts Obama and Pelosi will insure that the final health care bill makes taxpayers pay for abortions despite all the denials.  Neither the President nor the Speaker has ever voted against a pro-abortion bill.  With little chance of success, pro-life Dems are gearing up to block the bill if it does: http://bit.ly/faB63.

Senate Finance Committee Bill Would Hike Taxes by Half a Trillion: To pay for its $829 billion health care bill, $507 billion in new taxes and fees will be imposed on Americans if the Senate Finance Committee gets its way: http://bit.ly/HfStd.  We must assume that the middle class will not be hit by any of those taxes and fees since Obama has repeatedly sworn that middle class taxes would not be raised.

Just remember, only the powerless and ignorant can be fooled and seduced.  The empowered and confident will always prevail, with the help of God. 

Be heard!

Addresses and both local and Washington phone numbers of every senator and congressman can be located here: http://bit.ly/J3Qam.