It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature.  In the perceptions of Democrats, it’s even less nice to mess with Dem-liberal icons such as America’s 35th and first Irish-Catholic president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I wasn’t of legal voting age in 1960 and didn’t live in Chicago where such legalities didn’t much matter, so I didn’t vote for JFK although, at 18, I thought Jack Kennedy was the  greatest thing to come on the scene since sliced Irish soda bread. 

I maintained that immature viewpoint through Jack’s narrow election victory and until he proved he was more liberal than he was presidential, not anywhere near the mold of  America’s current extreme leftist chief executive but still far from what I had anticipated of him. 

As it subsequently turned out, JFK was more in Bill Clinton’s mold. 

Once upon a Secret  In my admittedly harshly though accurately-titled article, “JFK: Whoremaster, Pimp, Drug Pusher,” I discussed Mimi Beardsley Alford’s new book, Once Upon a Secret: My Secret Affair with JFK, which details the author’s experiences as a 19 year old Kennedy White House intern in 1962. (

According to Alford’s recollections, Jack was indeed a whoremaster, pimp, and drug pusher who seduced her in Jackie Kennedy’s private bedroom, carried on a lengthy affair with her, farmed her out to perform oral sex on his buddy, Dave Powers–while Jack watched–and suggested she take his prescribed drugs, which she refused to do. 

Of course, fifty years later, there is little possibility of verifying Mimi Alford’s allegations and hence no hindrances on the media alleging it’s all baloney.  There are no other living witnesses and, regrettably, no Monica Lewinsky blue dress dna evidence, evidence that wouldn’t deter JFK idolators, anyway. 

Following the usual script, liberals are now busily attacking both Alford’s remembrances–which would be extremely difficult to fabricate–and her motives in publishing her book. 

One of MSNBC’s arch-leftists, Chris Matthews, Mr. Tingles, who confessed to feeling a thrill up his leg in the presence of Barack Hussein Obama, didn’t contest Alford’s steamy account and simply dismissed it since America’s “greatest heroes are often the most flawed.”  In other words, just roll over and accept Jack’s whoring, pimping, and drug-pushing because he was a great American hero. 

I hate to disillusion the clueless Matthews but JFK was only one of many World War Two heroes.  However, aside from his exploits on PT109, it’s difficult to pinpoint any other Kennedy heroics and his presidency was largely lackluster.  Being assassinated does not a hero make.

Matthews’ observations were complemented by “Rock Center” host Brian Williams and the plagiarist historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin, also chimed in defending JFK.  NBC’s Ann Curry and Meredith Viera took more more aggressive, defensive approaches by attacking Alfords’s integrity and accusing her of “burdening” Americans with the truth. 

Truth is burdensome to liberals but whether it’s a burden to most Americans is a stretch.  Doesn’t truth set us free?    

Matthews, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” is pushing his own book on Kennedy and   discounted Alford’s revelations in typically-Matthews fashion laced with Freudian implications: ”And so with it all, the total picture still arouses the country.” 

Mr. Tingles is still as tingly over the murdered president as he is about Obama and is presumptuously extrapolating his personal sensations to all of America.  

Brian Williams waxed philosophical on the ”mythic figure” who was JFK and wondered aloud how Americans would interpret Alford’s book in light of Jack’s “vaunted role in our history and in our society,” ignoring the reality that JFK’s brief role was far more glitter than substance. 

Jack had few accomplishments during his presidency unless one considers the facedown with the USSR over nukes in Cuba an achievement.  In view of later reports that Jack traded our missiles in Turkey for the missiles in Cuba and the fact he insured the humiliating Bay of Pigs defeat by reneging on a promise of air support, all in all, his thousand days rate a “C,” at best.   

Goodwin also spoke for all–liberal–Americans by adding that everyone was already aware that Jack screwed around–not her phrase–which hasn’t detracted from “their fundamental liking for the memory of John F. Kennedy.”  Liking doesn’t confer heroism, either.  

Viera was especially aghast that Alford would graphically detail the Powers incident. 

She berated the author on Williams’ “Rock Center” by saying, “This is going to shock people and you also had to know that in writing it, it was going to hurt some people, maybe members of the Kennedy family, members of the Powers family.  Because it’s powerful and it can’t be corroborated,” and provocatively asked, “So what did you want people to understand by including it in the book?” 

Curry expected Alford to crumble under the interrogation but she didn’t.  Alford was much more civil than her interrogator and responded that she hadn’t, as yet, gotten any flak from the Kennedy clan who have to be very accustomed to shocks such as Uncle Teddy letting Mary Jo Kopechne drown in Poucha Pond to save his career. 

See a 30-second clip of Ann Curry attempting to drape the liberal albatross of truth around Mimi Alford’s neck here and details on Chris Matthew’s silly arousal blatherings here    

When any president causes supposedly-objective reporters to get all tingly over an extremist radical, when any MSM correspondent refers to honesty as “burdensome,” when our mainstream media rips a woman confessing to seduction and degradation, this nation is in serious jeopardy. 

When the citizens of the United States of America succumb to that tripe, we’re finished.