of the United Nations  We should have known at the inception of the United Nations when the U.S.S.R. was accorded three separate votes in the General Assembly that the whole idea was a bad deal for the United States.

We should have known but we didn’t, or else we did know and bought into the deal anyway because, ostensibly, it was all in the interests of a lasting world peace, aka, pie in the sky.

Then, too, convicted Soviet spy, Alger Hiss, helped establish the structure of the U.N.  However, that was before the Cold War with the Soviet Union so his machinations must have been motivated by the purest and most patriotic intentions.

The fact that the world hasn’t had any real peace since the U.N. entered the geopolitcal picture still hasn’t resonated with many Americans and the fact that nothing the U.N. has ever done has favored American interests.  We still pour money and precious military resources into that cesspool.

The U.N. has been and will continue to be the proverbial teats on a bull while posing as mankind’s savior and American suckers will continue to subsidize that sad excuse for a deliberative, international body.

Far worse, the rotting building on New York City’s East River United Nations  and its thousands of rotten, resident delegates and functionaries represent the most insidious, dangerous force we have ever faced.

Too many books and articles, including any number of articles in this space, have been written on the fraud that is the United Nations to beat that dead horse so let’s just focus on one of its most recent foray into diplomacy.

US Drones May Be Tantamount to Summary Executions: Of all institutions, the U.N. should be the last to speak of drones but this week U.N. Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Executions Philip Alston did just that.

With that ostentatious title, I guess Mr. Alston feels he’s entitled to address any issue he damned well pleases.

What doesn’t please Alston is America’s highly-effective deployment of drone aircraft in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan which, he contends, just may be a violation of international law.

The United States contends the utilization of drones is a militarily-effective method of winning the wars in the Mideast while minimizing both American and civilian casualties.

That word “winning” has always been a U.N. bugaboo, anathema since it necessarily implies that if one side wins, another side must lose.

The use of unmanned Predators   and other UAV’s, unmanned aerial vehicles in military jargon, permits pilots located outside Las Vegas to direct pinpointed attacks on targets thousands of miles away via radio signals and satellite networks.

The operations are conducted under strict supervision and usually after extended periods of enemy surveillance to avoid civilian casualties.  See “We’ve Seen the Future and it’s Unmanned” in the November Esquire:  http://bit.ly/zpuuY.

But the future of warfare is of no consequence to Mr. Alston and the United Nations.

The U.N. Special Rapporteur would like the American military to “be more up front” and reveal its “accountability mechanisms,” precautions taken “consistent with international humanitarian law“, and evaluations on “when these weapons have been used:” http://bit.ly/13ZUjP.

I have a better idea, Mr. Alston: Why don’t we simply inform the murderous Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents of every tactic and of every weapon in our arsenal, including any vulnerabilities of those weapons, so that there is a level fighting field?

Just think, we can let them know what we have and how we plan to use what we have!  It would be a pacifist or defeatist Nirvana, the best of all pacifist, transparent, military worlds in which there are no losers.

Until the enemy re-groups.

That strategy would result in a much greater need to expose our forces in ground attacks and result in a far greater American body count but, hey, what takes precedence?  U.N. hand wringing over our efforts to avoid collateral damage or more dead troops?

The United Nations has shown its ineptitude in Rwanda, Angola, Somalia, Sudan, and in countless other locales where its troops and “peacekeepers,” conscripts from volunteer nations willing to sacrifice its citizens for the greater good, more often engage in raping and pillaging as in fighting and keeping a tenuous peace.

So, why not listen to Mr. Alston?

One excellent alternative to paying heed to the United Nations is to expel him and it from our shores and convert its sorry showplace into a flea market, after we fumigate it to rid it of the fleas and vermin.

Then we should go out and win the wars in the MidEast, sans the U.N. drone.