We all have opinions.  Some of us like white meat, others dark.  Some of us lean Republican, others Democrat.  Some of us prefer the ocean, others the mountains.  Some of us make sense, others don’t.  

Few of us have huge forums on which to share our opinions, and influence, millions. 

Four liberals, four of legions who spew illiberal deception, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, singer Tony Bennet, and Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowski do have bully pulpits and use them to articulate some of the most cockamamie views imaginable and many people believe them.     

For example, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum isn’t the perfect candidate for the office of the presidency of the United States of America–and who is?–but is he in any way comparable to the murderous dictator of the U.S.S.R., Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, or to George Orwell’s Big Brother? 

Martin Bashir: co-host of  Martin Bashir, a Brit of Pakistani origin with the temerity to attack Americans, thinks so.   

Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt regarded Stalin as a good buddy, “Uncle Joe,” despite Stalin’s record as as a mass murderer of millions, and Bashir considers Sen. Santorum as little different. 

Betraying his leftist intolerance of conservative opinions on homosexuality and ignoring Obama’s efforts to deny Americans’ freedom of religion, the MSNBC anchor  accused  Santorum of being a totalitarian along the lines of Stalin and Big Brother. 

Bashir suggested Santorum was acting like a theocrat and like Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984 by opposing the president’s Obamacare initiatives.  Ironically, Bashir had earlier warned Newt Gingrich to stop using hateful language “before someone gets killed.”  (http://bit.ly/wsJdvN) 

Talk about hateful!

Sorry, Martin, if anyone is acting like a totalitarian despot and being hateful, it’s President Obama who has shown as total contempt for our Constitution and nation as you do.  Pakistan International Airlines has daily flights to Islamabad.  Consider hopping one. 

Nancy Pelosi: 2012 curse or  No stranger to bizarre views and statements, Nancy Pelosi has expressed similarly peculiar sentiments concerning everything from the legislative process to ousted Obama “green czar,” Van Jones, and to the anarchistic Occupy movement. 

One-percenter Pelosi considers Jones “a leader of the future,” has declared herself a Jones “fan,” and said of the Occupiers, “God bless them!”  

A little background on Jones reveals much about Mrs. Pelosi’s skewed thinking. 

Jones, Obama’s designated Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation, racial agitator-admitted Communist-9/11 truther, was removed from his post in 2009 not because of that background or because he called white suburban kids mass murderers but because he displayed his true character by referring to all Republicans as a**holes. 

Now a revivified “star” of the Democrat Party thanks to his rousing speech to the California Democrats State Convention last weekend in which he praised the same Occupiers who were concurrently demonstrating against the convention, Jones is a true star to Pelosi. (http://bit.ly/zCTkNT) 

Democrats are in dire need of stars.  Nancy Pelosi is in even greater need of some facts. 

  Tony Bennett is an undisputed star and American musical icon who, a mere hundred days into Obama’s presidency, pronounced him the greatest arrival on the American scene since Rice-a-Roni.  Bennett came up with a brilliant idea immediately following the passing of diva, Whitney Houston. 

The toxicology report on the causes of Houston’s untimely death still haven’t been released but Bennett knew at once how to prevent such tragedies in the future: legalize all drugs. 

Citing the city of Amsterdam, where almost half the population barely functions under a drug-induced haze, Bennett offered his profound opinion on how we could have saved the lives of  Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Michael Jackson by allowing everyone to get as drugged-up as they, disregarding the reality that Houston, Winehouse, and Jackson apparently succumbed to prescribed meds and alcohol-abuse.   

Past his prime and his time, Tony Bennett must have left his brain with his heart in San Francisco.  

Jan Schakowsky's Statement  Finally, Chicago area Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky joined the liberal onslaught and weighed in on the subject of the president’s assault on the free exercise of religion by making an outrageous claim. 

Schakowsky, a member of Reformed Judaism whose husband is a convicted fraud, served up her own fraud by alleging on leftist Dave Schultz’ radio show that ”There is [sic] a few, in the, some in the Catholic church and maybe some other Evangelical churches, I don’t know, that think that it’s wrong but NONE of the American people follow that.” 

Speaking for all Americans, as liberals tend to do, and presumably meaning that most Americans use contraception at one point or another, which is true, Schakowsky deliberately skirted the essence of the argument against Obama’s plan.  The central issue isn’t who uses birth control but the insistence by  Obama and the HSA that religious-affiliated institutions abandon their consciences and pay for abortafacient drugs that induce abortions.  

See a clip of Schakowsky’s inanity here http://bit.ly/yClc2Y.

The fundamental problem with liberal-leftists such as Bashir, Pelosi, Bennett, and Schakowsky is that express their opinions  before they think and when they speak they lie and don’t have a rational basis for what they say.