As more and more cracks appear in the previously-impenetrable Wall of Obamian MSM Idolators, the president must be wondering if he could get away with bailouts for all of his driveby media whether they need it or not.

When “SNL” feels free to take potshots at Obama, the Times prints truthful news about him, and even no longer feels he is sacrosanct and beyond reproach, something may be a-brewing that could approach even-handed treatment of the president.

Some queasiness just might be settling in on the banks of the Potomac and within the White House walls as the administration gets a tad nervous.

In an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Eric Holder attempted to defend his decision to try 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators in a federal civilian court in Manhattan, within virtual spitting distance from Ground Zero. Ground Zero Album Cover

Committee Chairman Pat Leahy (D. VT) wasn’t able to shield Holder from some hard questions concerning his decision, a decision he has contended he alone made, which is as preposterous as it is damning.  

Would the President of the United States have had absolutely no input in the matter of by-passing military tribunals?  If so, he is more out of touch with reality than it has seemed and once more he has contradicted himself.

Holder surprisingly admitted something Obama has long avoided by saying: “I know that we are at war.  I know that we are at war with a vicious enemy who targets our soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan and our civilians in the streets here at home:”

He held fast to the Obama position that the war is not against Islamic terrorism by never mentioning that abhorrent phrase. This displayed picture will

We are in fact at war, and have long been at war with Islamic fanatics if not the entire Muslim world, but somehow I don’t believe AG Holder grasps the full import of that war.

His boss certainly doesn’t.  Six months earlier he acknowledged in a speech at the National Archives, “We are indeed at war with al Qaeda and its affiliates,” adding that he intended to prosecute those “who violate the laws of war” in military commissions:

Obama apparently thinks that the unprovoked attacks of 9/11 which killed thousands did not “violate the laws of war.”  In any event, according to Holder, he didn’t make the call in favor of a civilian trial.

Civilians and military personnel were slaughtered in the streets of Fort Hood left for Fort Hood, three weeks ago and since then the keyword from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been caution.

Be careful not to jump to conclusions, be careful not to criticize Islam, be careful not to link accused killer Major Hasan with his religion which has declared war on America and Western civilization.

So what if Hasan was in contact with al Qaeda operatives, attended services at the same mosque as two 9/11 reprobates, and screamed, “Allahu Akhbar” as preface to murdering and maiming Americans!

A highly-distinguished American politician of impeccable rectitude, Mayor Richard Daley of Obama’s Chicago, Mayor Daley  has explained all that: Guns kill people; people don’t kill people.

Daley in his infinite Chicago wisdom has fully explicated the issue in three words, “America loves guns.”

Forget all those misguided, misinformed theories about Hasan and Islam and domestic terrorism.  The essence of the Fort Hood slaughters of 14 innocent people, which total includes the unborn child of one victim, and the 30 who were shot and survived, is the evil of the Second Amendment and totally unrelated to the evil of Major Hasan:

Look, if Mayor Daley says it’s so it must be so.  After all, he’s largely responsible for our 44th Commander in Chief being our Commander in Chief.

For some comic relief from all this, which we all need, please see 2 brief, satirical videos. 

The first features an interview of a Fort Hood “victim,” explaining the attack in PC terms assisted by a government functionary who slaps him upside the head when he strays from Obamian political correctness. 

The second is “a musical sketch” featuring ”a Muslim” defending the Muslim sense of “honor” over the silly virtue of respecting life and the foolish concept that murdering innocents is wrong:

We all need a good laugh today.  It beats a good cry.