Dave Letterman likes to spread out his venom.

His tiresome, vengeful attacks on Sarah Palin, Palin 2012?  his defense against her reaction to his calling her and her daughter virtual sluts and a reflection of his cockiness after skating through his own sex scandals, were getting old and his writers were getting stale in their digs.

They were rescued by the publication of her best seller, Going Rogue, which at once became an ancillary target with Letterman’s brief nightly skit, “Things Better than Reading Sarah Palin’s Book.” 

Those film attacks show cars crashing into trees, having one’s head explode in a microvave, and other inane, tasteless disasters as preferable to reading Palin’s book.

They’re getting old as well so last night’s “Top 10″ list on Obama’s interview on FNC branched out by attacking another conservative subject: Coming in at Number One was, “Agreeing that Glenn Beck is a dump.”

Not much better can be expected from crass, dirty Dave and his foul abuse of Beck was not unanticipated given the obsession liberals have with destroying him.   

Still, it reinforces an interesting phenomenon, namely that when conservatives becomes too threatening, Leftists like Letterman and others go into spasms in their efforts to bring them down into their own muck and mire.

Mrs. Palin, with her incredible popularity and crowd appeal still tops the Leftist Attack Charts.  However, Glenn Beck   has gotten way up in their craws, too.

Polls showing Beck’s topping Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olberman, and Chris Matthews’ combined scores just may be playing a factor in the Left’s angst and venom. 

Dirty Dave’s lies and insinuations about Palin–he dare not abuse her daughters again–include his repetitive and incorrect allusions to her presence causing the defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket when it was the senator’s lackluster efforts that elected Obama-Biden.

Opening up a new front with the Beck is a “dump” slur shows that Mr. Beck has now made it to the Leftist Pantheon of Conservatives to Destroy.

They know Palin is beyond destruction no matter their vitriol but they may believe Beck is vulnerable and they’ve been hammering away at him brutally and relentlessly for months.  The abuse has gotten so relentless and brutal that even some libs are questioning it. 

Glenn Beck, by the way, is a flawed human being who sometimes is over the top in his commentaries for one simple reason: He has this detestable (to the Left) deep and abiding love of his country and is pained to see what Obama is doing to it.

Barack Obama, the only flawless being born on the planet since Jesus Christ, could never relate to or comprehend mortals like Palin or Beck, nor can the mindless Obamians who worship him.

AOL’s Gary Susman, no fan of Beck’s, doesn’t understand conservatives either but he did write a piece, “Is It Time to Stop Picking on Glenn Beck?”  He doesn’t deny the validity any of the Left’s picking, but appeals to their sense of fairness. 

As he writes of Jon Stewart’s recent impaling of Beck, it “seemed to be mocking him for enduring botched hemorrhoid surgery and then an appendectomy.  Way to kick a guy when he’s down (and anesthetized), Jon.” 

Susman concludes his “defense” of Beck by writing,  ”Surely, Beck barb-tossers, there are plenty of things about the Fox News host you can satirize without resorting to ad hominem attacks. 

“Besides, the Beck Army will be monitoring you closely, and if Beck’s not laughing at your spoof, they won’t be either. You don’t want that angry mob launching a flame war against you now, do you?” http://bit.ly/8J5YcR

Do click that link for various video”spoofs” on Beck and do note the 79 pages of mostly semi-literate comments that follow the article which say all there is necessary to say about Beck-haters.

I appreciate Susman’s half-hearted attempt to disperse the Leftist hounds from Glenn Beck’s scent but Susman must be a naive dolt to think anything he writes will keep the jackals away from hounding their prey.

They will persist in trying to devour him unless and until they are devoured beforehand.  It’s just their nature, what they do to give their lives some meaning.

Just like David Letterman.