“The truth will out,” along with what seems a million other terms and phrases, is credited to Will Shakespeare and, as with so many other wise Bard aphorisms, is generally true.   Except when it isn’t.

We’re bombarded daily with news reports, announcements, statements many of which, based on their sheer repetition, become chiseled in our brains as absolutes when they are absolutely false.

Fortunately, usually, the truth will out, will work its way through piles of faleshoods and be exposed for what it is.

Two examples follow:

The Global Warming Farce, aka The Big Lie: A prime instance of truth outed is the long-running charade that is anthropomorphic/anthropogenic climate change. 

Those big words, simply a high fallutin’ multisyllabic way of saying mankind did it, is a baldfaced lie which is finally getting exposed.

We have been warned and lectured that man is responsible for global warming/cooling/climate changing for years now and that we had better stop being poor stewards of the planet Planet Earth Poster at Art.com  before said planet eats us up and spits us out.

Environmental radicals such as yours truly, and millions of others, have been saying for years that it’s all a political farce predicated on junk science, that it’s a manufactured myth designed to cripple what industry we have left in the United States to benefit other countries and to make charlatans like Al Gore the Al Gore  billionaires.

Not to mention that it had been refuted and contradicted by hundreds of reputable climatologists.

The shameful prostitution of science by the warmists while the planet is actually cooling is now being called “Climategate: The Final Nail in the Coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ ” thanks, ironically, to a hacker thief.

The hacker, who should be given Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize after he is made to cough it up, released 61 megabytes of 72 confidential documents and 1079 secret emails after breaking into the University of East Anglia Climate Change Unit.

They’re not your ordinary docs and emails, either.  They represent a series of communications among noted warm scientists which reveal that there’s been a whole lot of collusion, conspiracy, and scandal going on at East Anglia:

“Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of  embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more:” http://bit.ly/InbR7.

Whether the public airing of all the lies and deception will be that “final nail” in a convenient lie remains to be seen but the East Anglia Director, Phil Jones, has confirmed the purloined data from the CRU “appear to be genuine.”

Undismayed by “the greatest scandal in modern science,” President Obama proved today that you can lead a president to truth but he won’t accept it until it bites him on the arse when he announced:

“the world has moved ‘one step closer’ to a ‘strong operational agreement’ on climate change at next month’s Copenhagen summit after his talks with Indian  and Chinese leaders:” http://bit.ly/6i4icJ.

China and India just happen to be the two nations that will most benefit from a global warming pact.   

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: Get a Job!

Mark Twain’s classic quote on stats combined with the Silhouettes’ classic do-wop ditty of 1958 sum up the cruel hoax that is the unemployment situation in America today.

The president promised that if his humongous, budget-busting Stimulus Bill were passed, the nation’s unemployment rate would be capped at 8%.  That cap was soon pierced.  

We don’t hear much about that 8% figure anymore, just like we don’t hear Obama use the words “necessary war” in the same sentence with Afghanistan anymore, 2 more Obamapromises fell through the cracks of reality.

What we do hear about is the probability that unemployment will remain in double digits at least through 2010, which is also disingenuous since the present rate of 10.2% is double digited, but there are digits and there are digits.

The only problem with that news, the truth outed once again, what makes it a cruel hoax and something else we don’t hear much about: The 10.2% rate is a fraud. 

The true figure is and will be in double digits but those digits are now closer to 17.5% when the underemployed are lumped in with the jobless. 

The former percentage is the highest it’s been in 26 years, the latter the highest in 15 years: http://bit.ly/1o7ZRZ

If things get any worse, one in five Americans will effectively be out of work before the 2010 elections, not a very pleasant prospect for Thanksgiving.

That deceptive manipulation of numbers isn’t an invention of Timmy Geithner or Hilda Solis and has been going on for decades but it’s even more significant during a severe recession and after hundreds of billions have been wasted “saving and creating” phantom jobs.

If an electrical engineer is slapping up burgers in a Mickey D’s, that seriously underemployed guy is more than a statistic.  He’s a discouraged guy, a guy who’s working probably minimum wage, a guy who may have a job, of sorts, but a job far beneath his qualifications and way beneath his dignity.

Another dirty little secret, another dirty little truism about jobs is that extensions of unemployment benefits, although they keep unemployed voters happier, contribute to unemployment. 

As economist David Resler put it, “Part of that [the length of unemployment] may be affected by the longer availability of benefits. It reduces the incentives for an urgent job search.”

There’s no “may be” about it, it’s just common sense.  Granted most workers earn more from their labors, but why labor–at least “on the books”–when you can get 39, 52 weeks or more in benefits by not working?

Despite the stimulus, the economy and hence hiring are in the doldrums: http://bit.ly/7vGBDE  

That’s what happens when a recovery is fueled by government (taxpayer) funding instead of by incentivizing private businesses with tax cuts to encourage expansion and new hires.

Worry not, however, Obama fans.  It will all be blamed on George W. Bush.  As for the rest of us, the obamaconomy just might sink the Good Ship Obamapop!

And that’s the truth, so there! Now, this is my face after

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