It’s probably normal for people who feel they were oppressed to take advantage of situations to make their case at the first opportunity.  The homosexual community has been cashing in and is gleeful in shoving its sick lifestyle in the face of America ever since it gained a modicum of acceptance.

Case in point is “American Idol” loser, self-outed gay boy, Adam Lambert.

Last Sunday, ill-content with a certain popularity, he chose to strut his gaiety before some 14 million television viewers, including countless children, on national television at the American Music Awards.

In classic exhibitionist fashion, “the gay, glam rocker” Lambert felt he was so free of the shackles of his closet that he could plant a big, wet one on a male keyboard player.  More proof that Adam Lambert  He was so feeling his oats that he later went into “a pelvis thrusting” routine and pushed another male performer’s head deep into his crotch.

He must have thought he was doing his act in West Hollywood for a Perez Hilton review rather than on ABC.

He subsequently appeared on rival CBS’ “The Morning Show” after ABC pulled the rug on his scheduled appearance on “Good Morning, America,” claiming he was too racy for its early morning viewers.

Arrogantly, Lambert, 27, denied trying to provoke his AMA audience but refused to apologize for his act saying,  ”I’m not a baby-sitter. I’m a performer.”

He added, “I admit I did get carried away, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.  I do see how people got offended, and that was not my intention.  If it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were on the stage, I don’t think there’d be nearly as much of an outrage at all.” 

Then came the stock, defensive, put-upon response: “I think it’s because I’m a gay male.”

Umm, not quite, Adam. 

The outrage–some 1500 viewers had called ABC to complain–was not the result of your homosexuality or gender confusion.  It was caused by your outrageous exhibition and your flouting the most basic standards of decency with your lascivious behavior.

Furthermore, you had to be aware that the awards ceremony would be telecast at 8pm, eastern standard time, 7pm central, prime time for kids to be watching the boob tube.  Your actions reinforced the widely-held belief that gays are intent on recruiting America’s young to dabble in homosexual “experimentation.”

Lambert even perturbed some of his gay brethren, a representative of whom “said his performance hurt the cause of gay marriage in the eyes of mainstream Americans ‘who think gay life is exactly what (he) portrayed on the American Music Awards.’ “

More typical was the reaction of GLADD, The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which attacked the CBS decision to feature him the next day because it ”reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied to openly gay performers:”

Whatever that means.

His fellow “Idol” runners-up also chimed in with comments such as by Anoop Desai who said that Lambert is “not for everyone.  But Adam knows exactly who he is and what he’s trying to do. . . He’s there ‘for your entertainment;’  that was the point of the performance and it was definitely entertaining:”

Many millions of others and I would take issue with the entertainment value of watching a homosexual go through his virtual-sex gay gyrations and moves on other performers but I’d agree that Lambert is very aware of ”what he’s trying to do.”

Not only was he trying to blatantly advertise his homosexuality but he was also participating in the gay drive to brainwash kids into thinking that lifestyle is healthy and normal.

Want evidence of that?  See my dozens of previous articles on the subject and 2 brief film clips showing gay indoctrination in America’s schools: 

Adam Lambert is just the tip of the gay iceberg.  He shouldn’t worry about being called to babysit anyone.