In normal times, i.e., pre-politically correct, pre-Obama times, the slowly evolving truth about global warming/cooling/climate change would be blockbuster news and the whole sleazy story would already be in development as a movie.

Granted, Oliver Stone wouldn’t be falling all over himself trying to get the tale of Climategate onto the silver screen and into a theater near you but more reputable writers, directors, and producers–whoever they are–would just love to film an expose’ of the global warming charade to acquaint the American people with the fact they have been had for decades.

That wishful-thinking scenario of reputable Hollywoodians exposing the truth about the baloney-science climate farce is as probable as Adam Lambert going hetero or Patrick Kennedy going Catholic.

Regardless of Hollywood and related charlatans, thanks to computer hackers, the truth is finally slithering out about climate change and, God willing, Americans may soon be free of the meticulously-designed guilt for our reprehensible and willful destruction of Planet Earth. Smiling-planet-earth-

If and when that happens, we hapless human Americans may finally rest easy content in the knowledge that we didn’t cause it and whether it even exists outside the venal minds of greedy publicity hounds in academia and self-serving politicos is very suspect.

The MSM, not unexpectedly, has chosen to either downplay or totally ignore the story out of Britain that has been tagged “Climategate” thereby linking it with the Nixonian political scandal of Watergate. 

Such linkage does a disservice to the scope of this scandal which far surpasses in gravity Watergate and even surpasses the papal rebuke of Nicolaus Copernicus    and his cockamamie cosmological theory of a heliocentric universe. 

In the sixteenth century, only maniacs believed the Earth was not the center of the universe.  In the twenty first century, only muckraking, semi-retarded conservatives rejected anthropomorphic/anthropogenic climate change.

Those sixteenth century maniacs were proven less maniacal than seers.  The twenty first century idiots are now in the slow progress of being proven prophets.

Thank you very much!

As a primer on what Climategate is all about, and to save this writer the tedium of typing needless repetition, please see “The Truth Will Out, and Other Lies,”

Not much has substantively changed in the 5 days since that article was posted and the nutshell summary remains the same: “Conspiracy, collusion in exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction of  embarrassing information, organised resistance to disclosure, manipulation of data, private admissions of flaws in their public claims and much more:”

To be sure, the perpetrators of what has been called “the greatest scandal in modern science,” which is an exercise in studied understatement, have rallied ’round one of the biggest lies in centuries. 

Rather than coming clean, telling the truth and shaming the devil, the folks at Britain’s University of East Anglia Climate Change Unit have chosen to circle the wagons, hang tough, and deny the truth that their climate change fear-mongering has been one huge, prolonged prevarication.

UEA, “the heart of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),” that self same body which shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore, has a great deal to lose in terms of its scientific credibility if and when Climategate is fully exposed:

Americans have a great deal to gain when that sham is exposed.

Read more in Part Two to follow.