“You gonna believe Obama or you just wanna believe yer lyin’ eyes, yer dumb brains an’ all that phony evidence out there?  We sez it’s so, so it’s so, dammit.  Case closed!”

Using more diplomatic rhetoric and somewhat better, if convoluted English, thus spaketh chief White House flack-hack Robert Gibbs of ABC grills Robert Gibbs  in response to queries concerning the furor over Climategate. 

And, furthermore, he asserted, “climate change is happening.  I don’t think that’s anything that is, quite frankly, among most people, in dispute anymore:” http://bit.ly/6fga41 Global Warming

Mr. Gibbs, sorry to burst your bubble but your office and the presidency don’t confer upon you or Barack Obama the gift of infallibility or wisdom: The global warming game is up.  The deceivers lost, truth won.

The long-running Climategate fiasco, the revelation that much of the scientific community has been distorting, exaggerating, out and out lying, and covering up the facts about climate change for their own vain and venal purposes, is over.

(See “Climategate Part One,” http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=1350.)

Look, the warmists had their day, celebs, politicians and money grubbers like Al Gore milked it for all it was worth, pseudo-scientists and academics amassed their grants, and the dark, guiding force behind it all–the United Nations–managed to terrify the planet. 

It’s time for them to cash in their chips and slink off somewhere.

As if they would.

Instead, they’re adopting the classic Bill Clinton defense of deny, deny, deny in hopes the huge scandal will all blow over and they will be able to march on to their brave, new, one world of carbon credits under the merciful and omniscient aegis of the U.N.

With any luck, if there’s any justice in this world, they should all do jail time.  Bernie Madoff got 150 years just for bilking greedy investors of billions.  Had they succeeded, over time the more ambitious warmists would have cost nations, primarily the United States and other Western nations, trillions.

Just incidentally, America would also have been reduced to virtual Third World status as those good people who hang out in that big, ugly building on the East River in N.Y.C. UN Photo Library  re-distributed our national wealth to more deserving have-not countries that comprise the vast bulk of U.N. membership.

I’m sure Mr. Gibbs is busy today prepping for Wednesday morning’s press briefing and the inundation of questions on his boss’ speech on Afghanistan tonight but for his future edification I’m graciously providing him with a few annotated hyperlinks on Climategate.

Despite his assurances that global warming is not in dispute anymore, Gibba may want to acquaint Mr. Obama with their non-disputatious content before he heads off to Copenhagen to give away the farm.

If nothing else, the stories should provide some entertainment value for him and the president:

Leading British scientists at the University of East Anglia, where climate change manipulations were hacked, have agreed to “publish their figures in full” and “as soon as possible:” http://bit.ly/6Hylkw.  Presumably, that publication will follow frenzied efforts at data scrubbing, as in refining duplicitous bamboozling.

Demonstrating how difficult that scrubbing will be, it has been revealed that “much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based” have already been consigned to the trash: http://bit.ly/6Qe1jI.  That data, therefore, will have to be guesstimated by the same people who misrepresented them.

Capsulizing the whole mess at the UEA and the unmitigated disaster the warmists are facing is this demand that those responsible not be allowed to get away with a “whitewash” of the billowing scandal: http://bit.ly/7VEGei.  When whitewashing arrives, can imprisoning be far behind?

The reason for phony climatologists and their equally-fraudulent political supporters closing ranks on the issue of climate change is easily stated in one word: survival.

It remains to be seen if a united front can save their sorry arses with a bigger fraud.


* UPDATE: In a late development, the Director of the UEA Climate Research Unit, Phil Jones announced Tuesday that “What is most important is that CRU continues its world leading research with as little interruption and diversion as possible.”

In order to achieve that goal, Jones is bailing out and resigning his position in the scandal-rocked CRU: http://bit.ly/5ZoSA1.

Good move, Jonesy.  That should give you more time to find a good solicitor. 


(Graphic compliments of Moonbattery.com and “DANEgerus”)