Despite all the damning revelations out of Britain’s East Anglia University, the belly of the global warming conspiracy, COP15, the United Nations’ international climate summit in Copenhagen, will go on as planned. 

With President Obama, the twenty-first century’s answer to the indecisive Hamlet, tossing his hat into the climate cesspool, previously-dashed hopes for any successful agreements at COP15 have been resuscitated:

Glory be!

That means that the U.N. may yet seduce the United States into agreeing to devastating deals that will benefit the Third World and decimate American industry all because of the proven charade of global warming.

And now for some much needed levity in this miasma:

.  Comedy Central’s Resident News Clown: For some inexplicable reason, Jon Stewart, nee’ Jon Leibowitz, Jon Stewart-ALO-027723.jpgis accepted by many as a news source when this clown’s news credibility is a few steps beneath that of George Stephanopoulis’. 

Stewart recently performed some amazing mental gymnastics on “The Daily Show,” ridiculing the secretive, criminal actions of the warmist scientists at UEA then, without missing a step, he segued into ripping those who termed the mess that is Climategate.

As we all well know, Earth is inexorably becoming a cauldron.

See Stewart’s act here but especially note the comments on which carried the story. 

The commenters show far more astuteness, erudition, and sheer common sense than Stewart and handily refute his futile efforts at resorting to a reductio ad absurdum attack on Climategate:   

Head for them Thar San Fran Hills!:  Austrian-born body-builder, actor of sorts, hubby of a Kennedy, governor of the former great State of Caleeforniah, Arnold Swartzernegger, must be watching too many cataclysm flicks.

He began his political career auspiciously, as an ostensible Republican who seemed poised to reverse the death spiral of the very-tarnished Golden State and the multi-tarnished San Francisco. 

Now, however, he’s saying, “Hasta mañana, baby” to ‘Friscans if they don’t listen up and fly right into the overheated maw of climate change.

Should they not, since climate change “is now inevitable,” half a million frisky ‘Friscans will be flooded out.  Granted, it will take a century but the forward-looking governator is giving fair warning that swimming with the fishes is on the town’s far horizon

How does he know?  The Bible doesn’t tell him so but CalAdapt does. 

CalAdapt is the equally- prescient “part of a plan for the state to adapt to global warming.”  See the whole story, a map of doomed Treasure Island with a nice picture of Ahnold, and a 2 1/2 minute video of Ahnold’s slightly-accented narration San Francisco’s flooded future here:

Poor Governor Swartzernegger.  Bad enough that he’s married to Maria Shriver,   saw his presumptuous aspirations for the presidency shot down, and he presides over a bankrupt state.  He has reached his nadir by buying into the phony allegations of fraudulent climatologists.

And would San Francisco sinking beneath the waves be such a bad thing?  Gays would still have P-Town and Greenwich Village to flock to.

Copenhagen’s Hookers Warm up to Global Warmists:  ”Copenhagen’s city council in conjunction with Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard sent postcards out to 160 Copenhagen hotels urging COP15 guests and delegates to ‘Be sustainable–don’t buy sex.’ “

I’m not certain what “sustainable” means in a hooker context but Danish ladies of the evening aren’t known for lying down on the job, as in letting politicians order them about.

It’s not known if it’s a buy one, get one free deal but the girls are retaliating by offering freebies to anyone producing a COP15 identity card and one of those postcards.

It’s not as if they’re giving away the farm since only 160 postcards were sent out.  The SIO, the Danish Sex Workers Interest Group is merely trying to make a point. 

As SIO spokeswoman Susanne Møller explained, “It is reprehensible and unfair that Copenhagen politicians have chosen to use the UN Climate Summit as a platform for a hetz against sex workers.”

(Since I don’t speak Danish, I tried to determine the meaning of “hetz.”  The word is a Hebrew acronym for an Israeli political party so I’m sure that doesn’t apply.  I can only surmise from context that it doesn’t mean good tidings.)

Ms. Moller added, “This is sheer discrimination.  Ritt Bjerregaard is abusing her position as Lord Mayor in using her power to prevent us carrying out our perfectly legal job:”

Keep in mind that this is Copenhagen, or “Gropinhagen,” as one wag put it, where prostitution is legal. You ever feel like a hooker in

Also keep in mind that people like Jon Stewart and Ahnold know as much about the nature of Climategate as do Danish hookers.