Homosexuality is associated  Few people would contest the fact that homosexuals have made enormous strides over the last forty years in gaining both acceptablility in America’s straight world, advances unimaginable prior to the Stonewall Riots in 1969.   

Those upheavals in New York City’s Greenwich Village in turn led homosexuals to promote the misnomer “gay” and emboldened them to successfully intimidate the American Psychiatric Association into changing its long-standing diagnosis of homosexuality as a deviant mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to a variation on the norm. 

Forced re-definitions rarely result in alterating realities.    

Still, especially in the last decade, gays have succeeded in changing reality and making themselves very visible, if not normal.

.  They have become virtual staples on television sitcoms and have evolved into an almost-obsessive subject on crime shows such as NBC’s “Law and Order.” 

.  They have won the right to marry in six states and have been integrated into the United States military.  

.  They have won the right to adopt babies and young children in some states despite evidence those kids are often sexually abused.  

.  They have a president who has vowed to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and who has filled his administration with more outed gays than you could shake a feather boa at. 

.  They sponsor Gay Pride Weeks and gay parades in a number of cities, weeks and parades filled with obscene public exhibitionism and campaigns to seduce young people into their aberrant lifestyle. 

(All of the above have been detailed and documented in earlier posts on this blogsite.)    

When Barack Hussein Obama’s Justice Department announced last Friday that it would not defend a case involving a constitutional challenge to same-sex mariages, the DoJ  virtually assured the nation that DOMA will be repealed should Obama win a second term. 

of Hedonistic Gay Lobby'  Homosexuals through their Gay Lobby have achieved all those goals not, as widely assumed, by peaceful protest and demonstrations but by being extremely proactive, a euphemism for hateful and sometimes violent activities.   

AFTAH, an acronym for Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is one of the few  organizations in America that dares expose the truth concerning gay tactics in the United States, truths you probably didn’t hear in the mainstream media, such as: 

.  They smeared Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George, Moody Church Pastor Erwin Lutzer, and other religious leaders as ”haters” and “bigots” because they oppose homosexual behavior; 

.  The Gay Liberation Network’s refused to condemn bricks tossed at Chicago’s Christian Liberty Acadamy because it was hosting a banquet for AFTAH;  

.  The GLN applauded the University of Illinois for firing Catholic professor Kenneth Howell because Howell had attempted to explain the import of natural human law which is very different from unnatural homosexualty; 

 .  The GLN’s Bob Schwartz even indicated he would try to kill AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera if he could. (http://bit.ly/w74I9j) 

And those are just recent instances of homosexual hate and intolerance in one area of the country, President Obama’s adopted Windy City.  

Anyone else smell a pattern? 

Overseas, there seems to be less reticence in criticizing gays and homosexuality than there is in more PC America.  Whenever European critics speak out, however, they are usually met with politically correct denunciation, reflecting the power and influence of the worldwide Gay Lobby. 

For example, in France, lawmaker Christian Vanneste had the temerity to suggest, among other things, that homosexuals had an inordinate influence, that they are “at the heart of power” in France, manipulate the media, and are causing humankind to “lose its dignity.”  

Needless to say, Vanneste’s remarks were denounced by gay rights groups, denunciations seconded by France’s left and even by France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy who promised to expel Vanneste from the conservative UMP.   Sarkozy, hoping like Obama to be re-elected, didn’t address Vanneste’s contentions of inordinate gay influence, their position “at the heart of power,” media manipulation, and causing humanity to “lose its dignity.”   

I’m not exactly sure what Vanneste meant by a loss of dignity, unless he was referring to gays violating established Natural Law, but his other charges apply in spades to an extraordinary gay sway in America’s government and media dominance which dictate what many Americans are led to believe.     

As it should be, it’s a given in our country, a birthright, that all human beings are entitled to equal respect and equal protection under the law.   

At the same time, no group is entitled to impose by government or media decree that a once-recognized psychiatric and moral deviancy be accepted as normal solely because  deviants have achieved significant political and social influence.  Adolph Hitler ascended to power on those bases.