All the hullabaloo over the Obama administration’s original laissez faire attitude toward the Christmas Day near-catastrophic event in the Detroit skies is bewildering to my simple mind. 

First, DHS Secretary Janet “What Threat?” Napolitano Napolitano highlighted  says it’s all good, that the “system worked,” after it didn’t work, then says the system sucks, then says it was an isolated incident. 

Three days later our vacationing president chimes in with a call for action to forestall any repetition of such isolated incidents.

Isolated?  My foot!  Is anyone in charge here?

The pols on both sides of the aisle are shocked, shocked, I tell you, at the ineptitude and complacency of our Democrat leaders in Washington, complacent until it all hits the fan and they have to defend their gross ineptitude.

What’s not heard of much is the fact that our true powers-that-be would never lower their dignity or bottoms into even a first class seat in a commercial airliner or be exposed to body searches or to puffer machines at airports.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and others travel superclass in taxpayer-paid private jets and the prez, as he’s rightfully entitled, has Air Force One and Two at his disposal to ferry him and his extended family about the globe on their un-appointed rounds.

So, who in this administration really gives a flying fig if an Islamic lunatic tries to pull a Richard Shoe-Bomber Reid and take down an American airliner? 

Well, those on the Pelosi-Reid-Obama-No-Fly-With-Them List sure should give give figs, although they’re too fixated with the socialization of health care and non-existent global warming to do a damned thing about it.

Marie Antoinette reputedly said the French hoi polloi should eat some Sara Lee or whatever.  Democrats today say the American rabble should shut up, sit down, and not bother them about national security.

Until something happens like fire in Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s crotch onboard Northwest Air’s flight 253 to make terrorism impossible to ignore.

Then the caterwauling over the near-catastrophe on Christmas Day in the skies over Detroit was heard from vacationing congresspeople as well as from real people.  That attention should continue for at most a month given the short memory spans of most Americans and almost all politicians.

Could even a third of us still link the name of Nidal Malik Hasan with the last terrorist attack?

Perhaps I shouldn’t pin all the blame for terror obliviousness on the Dems.  Republicans weren’t much better with regard to good memories and airline and overall national security when they were in control.

Sure, George W. Bush and his Republican congress were the proverbial headless chickens after 9/11. 

They admirably tightened and enforced security measures throughout the land and the world, pursued the Islamic maniacs, and passed the Patriot Act, after which they basically sat back, let the Dems whittle away what they could and, like today’s Democrats, adopted the Last War Doctrine.

Most militaries, with the exception of successful militaries, have suffered from the tendency of trying to fight a new war with the mindset, tactics, and strategies in place for execution of the previous conflict.

So, too, did Bush and, with great gusto, Obama follow that pattern in the War on Terror, which the new president denigrated to the level of simple criminal offenses comparable to muggings.

The Obama cat is out of the bag when even the Brits are giving him a big fat “F” for competence in national security:

Given his total lack of international experience and naivete’ as to the dire threat that Islam poses for the United States, maybe we should cut Obama some slack. 

Or maybe not.

Maybe we should just surrender and save Islam the effort of destroying us and save Obama the effort of acting like a commander-in-chief?

Altering the Last War Doctrine would be such a pain.

When Islamist nutcases destroyed the World Trade Center, we subjected air travelers to unconscionable delays, pat-downs, and strip-searches. 

When Richard Reid blew his chance to kill hundreds because he couldn’t detonate his liquid shoe, we started checking footwear and forbidding carrying Cokes onto airliners.  

After Abdulmutallab opted for PETN in his drawers, DHS and the FAA just might mandate our going sans our jockeys or thongs on aircraft.

The point of all this relates to that Last War Doctrine.  We are reacting rather than pro-acting to what is the most dangerous threat to America’s continued existence as a free and independent nation since Hitler and Tojo.

By playing their game, the Islamic militants’ game of testing and re-testing our pseudo-defenses, we are reliving and re-executing the last war.

In lieu of that option, if Americans are interested in survival, considering the option of blowing any and all of our Islamic enemies off the map before they succeed with their designs to do the same to us, I think is very worthy of consideration. 

Unless you’re a Muslim.

A nasty, bloody, insensitive solution to ending the war against Islamic terrorism?

You betcha!  And a solution that could save millions of American lives. 

More on isolated incidents and fighting the last war in Part II.