Enough, already, with 2009 top 10 lists!?  Here are a few that may have slipped beneath your scanner:

obama  Top 10 White House Surprises: This subjective, unnumbered, list from Eamon Javers on Politico.com begins with the disclaimer, “Barack Obama’s first year as president wasn’t always exactly what Americans expected:” http://bit.ly/6vQdk5

You can say that again, Eamon!  Most conservatives feel his year, our year, was even worse than expected even as some liberals think he wasn’t radical enough since he hasn’t yet declared the nation the United States of Socialist Republics.

Various of Javers’ picks as surprises are less surprising than they are a reflection of the fact that deep down Barack is about as warm and fuzzy as month-old bread. Fuzzy, probably, warm, rarely.

In that category fall such surprises as “His biggest diplomatic coup was the ‘beer summit,’ ” held after he put a racist foot in his mouth by stupidly saying white Cambridge Police Officer Joe Crowley acted “stupidly” by doing his job.

Another warmth-free fuzzy is that, “The press may love him, but he doesn’t love them back” and instead carps, “The public debate cheapens.  The public trust [in media] falters.”  Nevertheless, I’m betting that love affair will be re-kindled in just about 24 months.

To the abiding distaste of the Left, ”He’s more like George W. Bush than you thought” and “The anti-war candidate is not always against war.”

Both merely demonstrate that the former junior senator from Illinois is very aware of how politics works.  He’ll soon show his facility with Chicago-style machinations when he dumps transparency in its entirety and runs away from Afghanistan.

In the “Who cares?” category are “He likes golf more than he likes basketball” and “The incredible shrinking Obama online machine.”

And I like Cheerios more than corn flakes.

Buck Wolf of Sphere.com takes a different tack on Top 10′s.  For one, his is a Top 12 list and it focuses on the weirdness in our world.  He at least numbers them: http://bit.ly/5xQEAr

A few of Buck’s selections:

1. Driving Furniture While Intoxicated: Not satisfied with falling off a stool like other drinkers, Kile Wygle of Ohio equipped his bar seat with a lawnmower engine.  After downing 15 beers one night in June, he was spotted zipping down a public street on his motorized bar stool at 38 mph.  He would serve three days in a driver education program.”

No 12 Step Program?

2. In a much more compelling women’s health story, [39 year old, pregnant]Allison Henry of Kenmore, Wash., began speaking about her own personal tragedy, telling the world, “My vagina fell out.”

Much too TMI, Ms. Henry, even if your baby was born healthy despite the expulsion of that body part: http://bit.ly/7cb0Mj

6. Horsing Around: One interspecies roll in the hay is bad enough.  Get caught twice and you must be Rodell Vereen, who had to register as a sex offender after his first man-on-horse conviction in 2007.

Someone should introduce Rodell to a good shrink and to Match.com where he may meet a very large woman.

10. Nude Coffee Kerfuffle: When 29-year-old Erick Williamson got busted in his own home for drinking his morning coffee in the nude, civil libertarians suddenly had a whole new war to fight.

A man’s home used to be his castle, no?  Keith’s castle was invaded by two women and a child cutting through his Florida yard.  Still, pervert or no, he was convicted of indecent exposure.

As they say, it takes all kinds, in politics and in castles.