Most readers are well aware that Tuesday’s Coakley-Brown contest in Massachusetts is The Big One, Elizabeth–as Fred Sanford used to say, and it actually is the biggest horse race since Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973.

That happens to be one year after the last Republican won a senate seat in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Thirty-seven years is a long time for one political party to have a lock on any state’s seats in the United States Senate but on Tuesday that string just may be broken. 

On a political level, it’s the most important race since the one that ended on November 4th, 2008.

In 2009, Virginians and New Jerseyians sent duplicate messages to Washington concerning what happened last November.  If they didn’t say they made a mistake, they did the next best thing by making it vividly clear that they still favored change they could believe in but the antithesis of the change Obama had promised.

In essence, after a year of seeing what Obama was plotting and perpetrating, those good citizens of Virginia and New Jersey said, “We want none of it!  Not Obama’s incredible deficits that our kids and grandkids will be paying in perpetuity, not the multi-billion dollar bailouts, not the Obamacare scheme to nationalize health care, not the bowing and scraping to kings, emperors, and sheiks by an American president!”

They had enough after less than a year and on January 19th, the electorate in the Bay State will get their chance to protest, to just say no, to register their opposition to Obamanomics, to Obamacare, to the abomination America has witnessed over the last 12 months simply by pulling the lever or pressing a button for Scott Brown in the special election to determine who assumes “the Kennedy seat” in the United States Senate or who gets to sit in the peoples’ seat in the United States Senate.

The choice is pretty simple, really.  Continue the Massachusetts status quo by sending party hack Martha Coakley to Washington to continue mind-numbing fiscal insanity and divisive politics or send the president and his congress another message of dissent. 

Rarely has there been a time that demanded an infusion of new, revivifying blood into D.C. and to the nation, rarely has there been a better time to quote Howard Beale’s plea in ”Network” that we stick our heads out windows and scream, ”We’re fed up and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

That may be a tad extreme but the times are extreme.

Just two months ago, little known Massachusetts Republican State Senator Scott Brown,So who is State Senator Scott   labeled “a hunk” by Monica Crowley yesterday, had as much chance of toppling the Democrat machine and Ms. Coakley as Ronald Reagan had in 1980 and 1984 of capturing this bluest of blue states, which he ultimately did. 

Down almost 40 points only 2 months ago in a matchup with Coakley, practicing attorney Brown, Lieutenant Colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard, former assessor, selectman, state representative, and current state senator, is a self-described “independent thinker” with moderate political and social views who quickly closed the gap with Coakley and is now said to be up by 4 percentage points.

With Democrats in a state of near panic at the thought of losing “the Ted Kennedy seat,” which Brown rightly corrected in a debate to “the peoples’ seat,” Dem money and the Big Guns have been pouring into Massachusetts, including John Kerry, Bill Clinton, the Kennedy clan, and none other than the Big Cahuna himself, Barack Obama.

Taking a risky shot at being tied to 3 losers in a row, the president is making desparate, last ditch appearances to stir up the base to turn down Brown who could be in a position to turn down Obamacare.  It’s a certainty that those on the dole, ACORN-types, and other party diehards will show up rain or shine and try to vote early and often. 

However, at this point the contest is Brown’s to lose.  As the Washington Examiner put it, ”The Bottom Has Fallen Out of Coakley’s Polls” and damage control is already in place to protect Obama:” 

The last stumbling blocks on the path to Scott Brown’s victory are complacency on the part of the Republican faithful and the bulk of Massachusetts’ voters, the Independents, as well as on the vote-tallyers. 

As one cynical wag once said, “It’s not a matter of who votes, it’s a matter of who counts the votes.” 

Remember Al Franken and the stolen Minnesota election of 2008.