Take former Clinton Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich.  As Henny Youngman used to add, Please!!

Reich, or Reisshhh as Rush Limbaugh calls him, is so consumed by vile, sick venom that he sees a Fox under every bed.  Not a red fox Fox, Red or a Megan Fox Megan Fox  or a Redd Fox Redd Fox  but that most vicious of all foxes, the Fox News Channel. Fox News Channel way ahead as 

Now, Mr. Reich is a brilliant man, or so we’re told.  We’re also told Paul Krugman is a brilliant man, Barack Obama is a brilliant man, and Bill Clinton is a brilliant man.  In fact, just about all liberals are brilliant men, even VP Joe Biden who manages to conceal his remarkable brilliance better than most.

Mr. Reich, writer, politician, academic, political commentator, and multi-degreed professor currently serving in the belly of the beast, UC Berkeley, suffers from the tunnel vision that afflicts most lefties, the tunnel vision that sees only the skewed liberal perspective, a redundancy.

With that life view, libs are incapable of seeing beyond their tunnels.  They firmly believe that bright light ahead is the light of a bright future wrapped in the arms of liberal thought, instead of the headlights of locomotives hauling 200 freight cars filled with reality hurtling toward them.

Such a mindset tends to derail the radiant minds of leftists, to prolong the railroad metaphor, leading them to great leaps of faith, which some would call hateful, vile lies.

President Obama in his State of the Union address made one of those leaps when he rudely and falsely castigated the United States Supreme Court for, among other things, decreeing that foreign corporations could now contribute to American political campaigns.

Not only did Obama breach time-honored decorum with that snide remark but, in his effort to besmirch the more conservative SCOTUS justices, he either lied outright or made a major mistake which Justice Sam Alito politely called him on: http://bit.ly/9azOKR 

I’m not certain that Robert Reich was in attendance at the Capitol to witness that lie but two days earlier he published an article on Salon.com that included an even bigger, nasty whopper. 

Thrashing about for a scapegoat, Reich wrote, “In December 1994, Bill Clinton proposed a so-called middle-class bill of rights . . . Right-wing populists were the ascendancy, with Newt Gingrich and Fox News leading the charge.”

The chief problem with that Reich allegation, as pointed out by Van Helsing on Moonbattery.com, is that Fox News didn’t come into existence until almost 2 years later: http://bit.ly/MW3nN 

A minor gaffe by Reich Robert Reich  or symptomatic of the desperate thrashing about on the left to libel the FNC in order to deflect attention from Obama’s failures to a convenient scapegoat which is the enemy of America’s middle class?

I report, you decide.

Incidentally, try as you might to find that quote about Fox News in Reich’s article, you won’t.  As the Salon website notes, the article has been “corrected:” http://bit.ly/4HLSaR