Some rumors never die. 

Many people still think FDR knew the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941 and did nothing to forestall the onslaught in order to get an excuse to enter World War II on the side England. 

Many people still think Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone in the assassination of JFK in 1963 anymore than they think Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald in a Dallas police station without some assistance.  

Many people still think the World Trade Center towers couldn’t have collapsed in 2001 solely because two fuel-laden airliners crashed into them. 

Arab League As An Anti-Arab  And, many people still believe President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim despite his oft-repeated contentions he is not.

We may never learn the full truth about FDR or JFK or the WTC and, if Obama and the mainstream media have their way, we may never learn whether the president is an adherent to the Islamic faith even though there is far more substance to that rumor than to previous conspiracies.  

Much of that evidence is in the public domain but rarely has it been collected in a single source, a 10-minute video produced and directed by titled “Obama Admits He Is a Muslim.”  Reportedly, Sean Hannity has wanted to play it on air but has been pressured by the Obama administration into not doing so.   

A collection of numerous clips from the last four years, the video features the president’s own words which, if not conclusive proof he is in fact a Muslim, constitutes sufficient cause to believe there is something to the continuing rumors about his religion.  

The video includes an examination of Obama’s “Muslim Roots,” his alleged slip-of-the-lip, televised admission he was a Muslim, his description of Muslim prayer as “the prettiest sound on earth,” his documented statements glorifying and defending Islam, his declaration that America is a Muslim not Christian nation, and his unprecedented, subservient bowing to a Saudi potentate.  

See the video here   

All of the clips may simply add up to nothing and some are non-contextual but their sheer  number lends credibility to the rumors.  Should there be any truth to them, America is being led by a Muslim during a worldwide war with Islam–a war Obama denies exists.  Should there be any truth to them, it would explain the abject failure of the president’s economic initiatives–which are in process of accomplishing the Islamic goal of destroying our country. 

Should there be any truth to the rumors that Barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly lied to the American people, may God help us.  Allah certainly won’t.