There are many characteristics and qualities that distinguish a liberal from a conservative.  The most obvious, of course, is the fact that conservatives are almost always correct and liberals are invariably wrong.

That difference pales in significance when contrasted with conservative willingness to confront issues and people when they know they are right as opposed to the liberal’s pusillanimous inclination to avoid issues and run away when they know they are wrong.

We see that liberal tendency all the time in international relations and conflicts.

America witnessed a perfect example of that gutless defeatism in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s actions re: the Iraq War when he opposed it from the outset, then opposed George Bush’s surge, then denied that the surge turned the tide in that conflict.

After Thursday’s useless Health Care Summit at Blair House, a variation on that cowardly behavior involved Senator Charles “Call-Me-Upchuck” Schumer Chuck Schumer declared on the and Senator Tom Coburn. Tom Coburn's Town Halls 

It was bad enough when Schumer’s leader, Barack “I-Am-the-President” Obama, conducted that get-together as if it were a 2008 campaign stop to advertise himself and manipulated the forum where he unabashedly dominated the discussion.  Worse was Upchuck’s handling of his antipathy toward Senator Tom Coburn (R, OK).

Apparently, Uppie doesn’t care much for Tommy, a feeling to which he’s entitled, but there are always opportunities for Uppie to express his sentiments, whether directly in the Senate Cloak Room, indirectly on the floor of the Senate, or during lunchtime on Thursday.

Instead, Senator Uppie restrained himself until he was out of Coburn’s earshot when he was safe and protected in an elevator at the Capitol following the summit conclusion.

According to Glenn Thrush on, “Schumer was complaining loudly about Coburn’s performance during the summit to Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and anyone else in ear shot/the metro D.C. area.  Arms flailing, the senior senator from New York was spouting statistics he felt Coburn made up and putting on a show for the few straggling reporters.”

Based on that description of Uppie’s antics, it seems there’s no love lost between Thrush and Schumer, either.

Thrush goes on to reference the December incident in which Schumer cursed a female flight attendant who had the temerity to ask him to turn off his cell phone so his–and other passengers’–shuttle flight could take off for D.C. 

Rules are written for other people, you see, not for Uppie who didn’t dare use the B-word to the attendant’s face but said it loudly enough for half the plane to hear.  This great defender of womanhood and women’s rights later apologized–through an aide:

I don’t know what gripe Schumer has with Coburn who seems a more decent fellow than Uppie but the point is, with Coburn and with the attendant, why not air your gripes–and cusses–face to face rather than when the object of your dislike is out of range?

Then again, Senator Uppie is a far left liberal.  He was probably afraid they’d both kick his sorry arse.

On the other hand, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R, OH),Boehner wins second term as   who is anything but a liberal, had a bone to pick with the presidentobama.jpg  at that summit and picked it publically, in line with Obama’s wishes to have an open, bi-partisan discussion.

With the 2700 page Obama version of Obamacare in front of him, Boehner advocated scrapping the entire thing and starting afresh since Obama’s bill would create ”a new entitlement program that will bankrupt our country” and impose burdensome taxes on the nation’s employers.

The main thrust of Boehner’s argument against Obamacare was that it incorporated abortion funding, funding contrary to the 33 year old Hyde Amendment forbidding it.

Obama never refuted Boehner’s contentions on either issue and instead resorted to deflection, avoidance by launching into a 108 word condemnation of Boehner for wasting time with Republican “standard talking points.”

Obama’s lack of transparency on abortion is very transparent.

Rep. Boehner had requested that Rep. Bart Stupak, (D, MI), an arch opponent of abortion, be invited to the confab.  He wasn’t.

Senator Orrin Hatch, (R, UT), proposed an amendment to the Senate health care bill to prohibit abortion coverage.  It was rejected.

It was left to Speaker Pelosi to provide a relatively direct, and rare response to Boehner.

Botox Nancy responded, “My colleague, Mr. Leader Boehner, the law of the land is there is no public funding of abortion, and there is no public funding of abortion in these bills. And I don’t want our listeners or viewers to get the wrong impression from what you said:”  

My question is, Why didn’t POTUS make that response?  Was it because he didn’t know what was in his own bill or did he not have the liberal gumption to answer?

My guess is both. 

President Obama and Senator Uppie share the same liberal, physiological disfigurement: Both are testicular-deprived.