Ethics: the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc. (

There’s something about celebrity whether achieved in the entertainment arena or in that other entertainment arena, politics, that imbues stars with a sense of entitlement to greater power, to greater greed, to a greater number of the opposite sex.

They tend to forget those “rules of conduct.” 

It must be the adulation from enthralled audiences that convinces many entertainment and political celebs that they’re exceptional, above it all, the cat’s meow as was said in olden times, and not subject to the same moral and ethical constraints applicable to the hoi polloi.

In politics, ethical lapses are certainly not confined to Democrats.  Remember Florida Congressman Mark Foley and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  (Maybe it’s the name, Mark?) 

However, Democrats are just so damned good at perverting power that they can’t be denied the title of Consummate Ethical Thrashers.

If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy ‘Em!   President Obama Obama's Not-So-Secret Shame learned that trick of the political trade from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Stifle recalcitrance with remunerations.  Or maybe he learned it in Chicago, but there they usually just smash kneecaps.

Harry bought the Obamacare vote of Senator Mary Landrieu with the Second Louisiana Purchase and thought he bought Senator Ben Nelson’s vote by screwing the other 49 states. No sweat, it’s not his money.

Thinking, Hey! That works for me, Obama invited 10 rebel Dems to the White House to woo them with his charm, or whatever else was needed, to vote for his health care bill.  Included among the ten was Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah.

I guess all the rebels got a free dinner but Matheson also got a nice, meaty bone thrown his way, the nomination of his brother, Scott M. Matheson, Jr. to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Timing being everything, that announcement was made via a press release just prior to Obama’s confab:

The other nine Democrats weren’t offered a bone.  They were offered a carrot on a stick.

Why Beat ‘Em?  Just Milk ‘Em!  A champion milker in the House is the twenty- term Rep. Charles Bernard Rangel,Charlie Rangel's Wife Endorses  representing Harlem and points north and east in N.Y.C.  After 39 years in a house, you get to think you own the place and Charley virtually did.

Senior member of New York’s congressional delegation, a founder of the Congressional Black Caucus, chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Charley used his well-practiced hand to milk everything he could out of the public teats.

He eventually was caught with too many hands on those teats.

Rumors of Rangel’s financial shenanigans had long floated around D.C. but then the House Ethics Committee, a misnomer if there ever was one, charged him with accepting gifts, (bribes), for travel expenses. 

Looming are charges of income tax evasion and abusing congressional privilege by sucking up the sun at his villa in the Dominican Republic as his constituents froze in Harlem:  

Long under investigation for illegally maintaining three rent-controlled apartments in New York City, for financial deals involving his personal monument, the Charles B. Rangel Center, and for that tax evasion,,  he just ”temporarily” stepped down from his chairmanship of House Ways and Means.

Ironically, after all his prior unethical wheeling and dealing, his step down came under duress from the leader of Nancy Pelosi’s most ethical congress in America’s history all because of a picture showing Charley basking in the Carribbean sunshine. 

Part Two: More Dem Schmethics