America  An article title such as  ”Wondering about America’s Future” spontaneously evokes suppositions that the writer of said article is fatally pessimistic on whether this nation under God is capable of surviving for the near future and for an extended period thereafter.

I could deny that assumption but I won’t. 

Personally, I don’t think we can survive for much longer which is not to say the U.S.A. will disappear from the face of the Earth by next Tuesday.  Rather, for our children, what the country has been and what it has meant for centuries will become a dim memory.

Our grandchildren may well come to ask, “What’s a democratic republic, Gramps?” or “Will Great Leader Obama always be the president, Mom?”

That’s a pretty gloomy forecast but one which is unavoidable given the state of the nation as it stands today.

However, another major factor often intrudes on pessimistic outlooks, also given the nature of man, and that is a ray or two of hope always trying to pierce the dismal clouds. It’s the American way and character to be positive and optimistic but even the most positive and optimistic American should take pause at recent events and developments:

.   When we hear and read that the president’s historic accomplishment, Obamacare, a wondrous and wonderful scheme, won’t change the health care afforded to the Obama family but will affect the rest of the nation, we have to  wonder:

We have now become a nation of the privileged and the powerful–the Washington politicians–versus the underprivileged and the weak–the rest of the country.  In Roman terms, they called those groups the patricians and the plebeins.

.  When we hear and read that 79%, four in five, of Americans believe the US economy could collapse and that a wide majority believe the current administration hasn’t a clue on how to deal with that collapse, we have to wonder:

Eighty percent of an electorate are rarely wrong but far less than 1% of the people, their government, could be disastrously wrong with their insane spending, budget deficits, and out-of-control, multi-trillion dollar national debt.

.  When we hear and read that mass murderer and long term arch-enemy of the United States, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, heartily endorses the institution of Obamacare, we have to wonder: 

Fidel has had a few choice words for America for half a century and his choice of words have been invariably negative so when he speaks glowingly of the Obamacare as a  ”miracle” something is very much amok.

When we hear and read that the great engine of world and national growth, the American consumer, has been supplanted by the teeming masses of China and India, we have to wonder:

The so-called “emerging markets” now control 32% of global market share, for the first time surpassing America’s 28% share, which number will decline even further with Obamanomics.

When we hear that the passage of Obamacare represents worse news than originally expected in that it signals a further decline of the American superpower empire, we have to wonder: htt,p:// 

The theory is that as people turn more and more toward government for their wants and needs a nation loses its essential vitality and progress comes to a halt.  The UK’s National Health Service is a parallel example of government dependence precipitating national decline.

When we hear that thriving American businesses such as Caterpillar, Medtronics, John Deere, Verizon, and hundreds of others will be laying off workers, jacking up prices, and raising health care premiums all because of the onerous burdens imposed by Obamacare, we have to wonder:

What’s most curious about all those burdens on businesses is that they weren’t publicized over the course of the year-long Obamacare debate in Congress, a companion curiosity to why the nation’s mass media sat on the stories of adverse financial effects of Obamacare–until after its passage.

Yes, there’s still that ray of hope mentioned above, a brilliant light focused on two upcoming events: the off-year election of 2010 and the national election in 2012. 

The hope if not the confident expectation is that America will finally wake up to the disasters set loose in 2008 and elect a Congress and a president who will work to reverse the disasters and to reverse that handwriting all over America’s walls.

Should that not happen, then the time for wondering will be past.  Then it will become a time to be afraid, to be very afraid for America’s future.