My wife and I recently had the privilege of meeting Sean Hannity and viewing a taping of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.” 

I don’t typically get all agog over celebrities and can’t say I was agog over Sean but I can say he wasn’t what we expected.  We had expected a typical celeb–arrogant, stand-offish, obsessed with himself.  Hannity was anything but.  A friendly, down-to-earth guy, he sincerely welcomed us, affably thanked us for visiting his show, and treated us like family.    

My son had met Sean before and wangled another invite for my wife and me, accompanied by him and his wife, to be in the audience during Thursday night’s taping during which he conducted a video interview with Governor Sarah Palin and featured my elevator buddy, Liz Cheney.   

It should first be made clear in order to ward off a flood of requests to attend a taping by Hannity friends and foes that attendance is by invitation only–and the audience consisted, in our case, at least–of a total of four situated on a small platform some 20 feet away from the host and his guests. 

Hannity doesn’t depend on an audience of hundreds applauding his every statement for his outstanding ratings and he doesn’t rely on sycophantic guests praising him to make him appear more popular than he is. 

However, back to our visit.

We were warmly greeted in the posh lobby of the security-conscious News Corporation building by a beautiful, blonde aide–FNC is noted for its pretty women–who ushered us into an elevator which brought us to the studio floor. 

Along the way up, standing next to another very attractive woman who I thought I recognized–and in the presence of my wife, son, and daughter in law– I introduced myself.  She did as well, smiling and saying without any pretensions as the daughter of the former vice-president of the United States, “Hello, I’m Liz Cheney.” 

We waited briefly in the “green room” of most television talk shows which, in FNC’s case wasn’t green but did provide outstanding views of the New York cityscape, until we were brought into the studio where we again were warmly greeted by Mr. Hannity and watched the taping. 

During breaks, as he had promised to do, he tossed me his football.  I dropped two, caught one.  But, hey! I was sitting down! 

At the end, we approached his desk to thank him, not for the tosses but for the opportunity of viewing his show live.  He was again gracious and thanked us for coming. 

As an almost-septuagenarian, I don’t get starstuck.  I do have to admit, however, that I was struck with Sean Hannity’s ability to relate to and converse with strangers, with the hoi polloi like me, and make us feel comfortable.  

Despite having won numerous plaudits and publishing three best-selling books, Sean Hannity is one of us, a common man, a religious, family man, a patriotic, conservative man in search of truth in a political world of lies and deceptions. 

All of that is what drives liberals nuttier than what they alrady are.  

Before we left the FNC studio, we were presented with complementary copies of Hannity’s latest best-seller, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda.  He is also the author of the best-selling Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism and Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism.  His website is  

Unfortunately, he didn’t autograph Conservative Victory, but maybe next time.