Two recent developments involving the president and his favorite religion:  

why Barack Obama does not  No one has ever suggested our commander-in-chief was stingy. 

Well, before he launched his presidential bid in 2007, his charitable contributions were comparable to pre-conversion Ebeneezer Scrooge’s but since then he has opened his wallet somewhat.  Now, his good-hearted generosity almost rivals that of Winnie the Pooh. 

The president is so giving that he is considering sharing “limited classified data” on our proposed European anti-missile shield with our good buddies and former sworn enemies in Moscow. 

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Brad Roberts explained that the adminstration is merely continuing an initiative begun by Obama’s favorite whipping-boy, George W. Bush, although Bush never followed through with the harebrained idea of providing strategic information to a potential foe.  

You see, the always paranoid Russians are fearful that the missile shield could somehow be deployed against them, without clarifying how a shield could miraculously become an offensive weapon.  In fact, it would serve in a defensive capacity against the rapacious and truculent Ruskies and other crazies, so they don’t like it.  

Reflecting the peculiar nature of Russian thought processes, Vladimir Putin has indicated that, should the shield become operational, he would deploy missiles as a defense since shields are notoriously threatening. 

Fortunately, saner heads may prevail.  Republican Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Michael Turner, has said he will “vigorously resist such compromises of U.S. missile defense capabilities.” ( 

That, of course, assumes Rep. Turner will be re-elected in November.  If the president isn’t re-elected, the matter becomes moot.  If Obama is re-elected, Americans will have far more to worry about than protecting Europe. 

  Something not moot and no longer worrisome is the fate of TLC’s reality show, “All-American Muslim,” which didn’t depict reality and certainly didn’t demonstrate that Muslims living in Dearborn, Michigan were all or mostly American.  

TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg announced last week that, “We decided not to renew it for a second season” because of a collapse in viewership and a loss of more than half its audience between its first and eighth, final episode.  

Left unmentioned by Ms. Goldberg were the controversies surrounding the short-lived “All-American Muslim.” (

Some Muslim hardliners had objected that the characters weren’t Muslim enough.  Lowes Corporation–and 75 other sponsors–objected to the show’s content and pulled their ads last December in the wake of a successful petition campaign by the Florida Family Association demanding TLC cancel it as un-American. 

“The FFA capsulized its opposition to “All-American Muslim” as follows: “The Learning Channel’s new show All-American Muslim is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law,” in other words, un-American.  

Celebs, including hip hopping Russell Simmons and actress Mia Farrow, flocked to the defense of “All-American Muslim,” as did radical Democrat congressmen Keith Ellison and John Dingell but, to its credit, Lowes stood firm on the bases the show had become “a lightning rod” counterproductive to its interests. was apolitically blunt, saying, “the show sucked.”  

(See “Lowes Lowers Boom on Muslims,”    

Our president must have been disheartened by TLC’s action.  However, if and when he gets away with generously giving away America’s classified, strategic secrets to the Russians, he can take comfort in the knowledge he has further undermined our national security.