or sorority party today!   HowStuffWorks.com explains sororities: When you hear the word “sorority,” what comes to mind? Pillow fights? Big white mansions? Pearls and sweater sets? While that’s what Hollywood would have you imagine, in reality, it’s not exactly like that. For many, a sorority can be a great way to make lasting friendships, build a smaller community within a university setting, and find opportunities for leadership and service. But people also associate sororities with elitism, racism, alcohol abuse, eating disorders and promiscuity. So, what is life in a sorority really like?

Pi Beta Phi  At least for two Pi Beta Phi sorority chapters at Ohio University and at Miami University of Ohio, the Hollywood version of sororities is as foreign as an alcohol-free keg party.  Those sisters have been termed the “Hell’s Angels of a new generation,” and that’s an understatement.

As Cyndi Lauper sang 25 years ago, “Girls just wanna have fu-un,” but the girls of Pi Beta Phi have taken their idea of fu-un to a whole new level as demonstrated by recent off campus events.

The OU chapter held its annual spring formal on March 6th at the Parkersburg Art Center and saying the group trashed the place would be an even greater understatement.

According to the SmokingGun.com in a piece titled, “Sorority Girls Gone Wild,” “attendees engaged in sex acts, used plates as ‘missiles’ during food fights, vomited on carpets, defecated in urinals, and tried to tear off the clothes of a female bartender.” 

In a letter to the sorority claiming $47,000. in damages, the head of the center described “a couple engaging in sexual congress, while surrounded by a cheering throng,” and alleged that a bathroom sink was broken as a result of “one of your members and her date attempting to have sexual relations on it, an act which was witnessed by the event’s caterer, who walked in on them.”

Not to be outdone, the girls of the Pi Beta Phi chapter at Miami of Ohio held their formal on April 9th at the Lake Lyndsay Lodge and the lodge owner had similar complaints.

According to the owner, those kids couldn’t wait to party and most arrived drunk and staggered into the facility, broke every lodge rule they could and almost destroyed the dance floor and carpeting.  Two girls urinated into sinks saying they couldn’t wait for a bathroom stall to become available.  Two others vomited “throughout the facility.”

Male guests of Pi Beta Phi defecated on the side of the building and various couples were caught having sexual intercourse in a beach house and on top of stacked tables in the caterer’s closet.  Others tried skinnydipping in the lake 

The owner concluded her letter to the sorority by disinviting them to any future events at Lake Lyndsay Lodge and by expressing her regrets that this generation of students conducts themselves in public in this disgraceful manner. 

Whether that regret has any effect on the girls of Pi Beta Phi is conjectural.  So, too, is the question of whether Pi Beta Phi is typical of other sororities throughout the country. 

Not conjectural is the question of whether parents who are laying out tens of thousands of dollars per year for their little cherubs would continue to do so if they knew their kids were participants in collegiate Sodoms and Gomorrahs.

For the SmokingGun article, the Parkersburg police report, and the letters of complaint against Pi Beta Phi, see http://tiny.cc/cq1bs