One of the many things that cooked Jimmy Carter’s chances for re-election in 1980 was his confession that he consulted with his 13 year old daughter on nuclear weapons policy.  We never learned of Amy’s strategic suggestions to the president.

Barack Obama, he says, has been asked repeatedly by one of his daughters as the poor guy was trying to shave every morning, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?” (

He didn’t specify if the daughter was 11 year old Malia rather than Natasha but we have to assume it was the elder child who interrupted Obama’s daily routine since what 8 year old wonders about such things? Sasha and Malia Obama 

The following is an unauthenticated account of the first morning’s exchange with Malia:

Malia: Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?

Daddy: Do you ever think of knocking before you enter the president’s bathroom?

Malia: Oh, sorry Daddy.  [Knock, knock]  Well, did you?

Daddy: Did I what, Malia?

Malia: Plug that hole.

Daddy: What hole?

Malia: That hole in the ocean.

Daddy: Oh, That hole!  Well, we’re working on it, and it’s not an ocean.  It’s the Gulf of Mexico. information - Oil Spills:

Malia: But your secretary said it was an ocean.

Daddy: Who?  Napolitano?  She’s a dimwit.

Malia: What’s a dimwit, Daddy?

Daddy: Nevermind.  Aren’t you going to be late for school?

Malia: There’s no school today, Silly!  It’s Saturday.

Daddy: Well, run along anyway and play with Tasha.

Malia: I don’t wanna.  I wanna know if the ocean, umm, the Gulf, is going to get cleaned up.  Everyone at school is talking about it.

Daddy: Oh?  What are they saying?

Malia: Well . . . [long pause]

Daddy: Well?

Malia: Well, they’re all saying you don’t know what you’re doing, that you’re in et, or something like that.

Daddy: In it?  In the Gulf?

Malia: No, in et like when they say you’re so in et you don’t know what you’re doing . . .

Daddy: Oh, you mean inept?

Malia: Yeah, that’s it!  Are you? 

Daddy: Now I’ve nicked myself!  No, I’m not inept, Malia!  I’m doing all we can to plug the hole and clean up the mess.  Isn’t your mother around anywhere?

Malia: Nah, she’s giving another speech about fat kids.  Know what else the kids are saying?

Daddy: No, what, Malia?

Malia: Well, some are saying that some BP is the boss of you.  Who’s BP?

Daddy: That’s British Petroleum.  They made that hole in the Gulf . . . Why am I having this conversation with you?  Anyway, I’m done shaving.

Malia: Your face looks nice, Daddy, ‘cept for that cut.  But Mommy says that bad man Mr. Bush put all that oil in the ocean, I mean, Gulf.

Daddy: Umm, yes he did.  He never stops doing bad things.  [In a loud voice:] Rahm, call a meeting!  We gotta plug that hole!  Damn, I need a cigarette! Obama's Not-So-Secret Shame