In a gesture of boundless magnanimity, of selfless generosity, the mayor of North Miami Beach has extended America’s–or, at least, North Miami Beach’s–hand to the unfortunate, impoverished people of Haiti. Haitians are poor today and

Mayor Mayor Andre Pierre, a Haitian immigrant, says 55,000 Haitians waiting for visas to the United States are welcome to settle in his city of 60,000 souls.

It’s gratifying to see an immigrant offering something to his adoptive community as payback for allowing him to enter our country and become a mayor. 

As of the 2000 census, 38.97% of the population of North Miami Beach were African American so the influx of those 55,000 Haitians should appreciably change the demographic makeup.  Other plusses for North Miami Beachians would include learning the skill of balancing water buckets and baskets on their heads and the fine art of voodoo. 

As Van Helsing of points out, “Similarly, BHO [Barack Hussein Obama] doesn’t seem to think the sudden influx resulting from effectively inviting the entire Third World to cross our resolutely undefended border and sign up for welfare will be a burden on the country:”

But, why stop with a piddling 55,000?  We can really open our borders and cut the pretense that they mean anything and allow tens of millions of destitute, semi-literate Third Worlders into our great land.

After all, we have plenty of room and doesn’t Lady Liberty say “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.   Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.  I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Statue of Liberty

Lift high that lamp!  Throw open that golden door!  Open wide those floodgates! Let ‘em all come in!  The more the merrier! 

And when the Third Worlders own and run our country, they can take care of us former First Worlders with welfare payments, affirmative action programs, a chicken in every pot, two Cadillacs in every garage, and we White Panthers can stand outside polling places wielding billy clubs to intimidate voters.

God will be in His heaven, all will be right with the world.  Until we implode. Implosion-Explosion-Climax2