When the mighty fall, they fall with a mighty thud.  On Al Gore's alleged effort to

Squeaky clean Albert Arnold Gore may have more skeletons in his attic, or bats in his belfry, than your average political bear.  The Savior of the Earth, who has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars with his fraudulent global warming campaign, has had his armor more than tarnished of late; it’s been shredded.

To her credit, I guess, Tipper Gore says she doesn’t believe an iota of the scandalous tale floating around her estranged hubby about his attack of horniness in Portland a few years ago with 54 year old massage therapist, Molly Hagerty who later called him “a crazed sex poodle” and “a pervert and sexual predator.”

Good grief, Al!  Is that any way for an uptight hero of environmentalists to act?

Then, again, I’m sure Elizabeth Edwards thought Johnny Edwards would never play hide the salami with some videographer and become the daddy of their love child while Liz was suffering from terminal cancer.

Or maybe she did?  And maybe Tipper is covering for her husband of 40 years?

In any event, Haggerty’s tale of a lustful Al who threw her on the bed in his Portland hotel suite and tried to clumsily seduce and sexually assault her has now been corroborated by a friend whom she called before and immediately after the attack by the Goreacle from Tennessee. 

Greg Boatman confirms that Haggerty was at first happy that she had landed the former vice-president as a client but was upset and tearful in her later call at 4 a.m. that same night when she described the assault.  Hearsay evidence if Gore ever faces a criminal trial, Boatman’s testimony would also be considered a powerful “outcry witness” to a jury: http://tiny.cc/2qq71

Lest all this be preceived as piling-on by conservatives out to de-frock a liberal, Hagerty has described herself as a lib who was warned by lib enviro-friends that she could destroy the planet if she exposes its chief protector as a phony. 

Another lack-of-character witness might be liberal journalist Melinda Henneberger if all this dirt ever gets to a criminal court.

The report of Al’s groping, tongueing, and near-rape of the masseuse stirred up faded memories for Ms. Henneberger, memories that further deflate the bloated enviro-blimp, Al Gore.

Henneberger, editor of the leftist PoliticsDaily.com, vividly recalls a trusted ”journalistic colleague” relating a story of Al trying to play tonsil hockey with her when she was expecting a peck on the cheek.  Gore, apparently and shockingly, mistook a polite cheek for an invite to a French kiss at a New Year’s Eve party sometime in the mid 1990′s.

Gore was still Vice-President of the United States at the time.

Melinda Henneberger  Until then, Melinda Henneberger had thought Big Al was the cat’s meow, the bees’ knees, a goody-goody, sort of, although she was aware that other female libs considered him a stuffed-shirt perfectionist, “annoyingly right all the time,” a rusting “Tin Man,” who was “so feminized and diversified and ecologically correct he’s practically lactating:” http://tiny.cc/jwkgq

The Washington Examiner article that quotes Henneberger’s reminiscence refers to “boorishness in Gore that some in the media knew about but never got around to mentioning until now.”

Watch out, Big Al!  In the animal world, when your own species turn on you they tend to eat you.