In an effort to keep abreast of rapidly-developing news events, a few updates on Albert Arnold Gore, the Defense of Marriage Act, and JournoList, that group of liberal “journalists” who conspired against the American people.

Al Gore:  In the matter of the former Vice President of the United States, the term, “keeping abreast” takes on a whole new meaning.  Tipper seems to have bailed just in time before the Gore Maelstrom struck.

Already in hot water on a planet he says is inconveniently getting hotter by the hour, more dirt has developed about the Goreacle. 

Molly Haggerty, the 54 year old Portland, Oregon licensed massage therapist had already outed the world’s pre-eminent environmentalist as a “crazed sex poodle” who groped her and attempted to take advantage of her when they were alone in Gore’s hotel room late one night in 2006. 

Molly Henneberger, editor of, subsequently identified him as a man who couldn’t keep a civil tongue in his head and instead wanted to boorishly put it down a strange woman’s throat.

See ”The Continuing Crash of the Goreacle,”

Now it turns out, according to that rag of a tabloid which finds news where no other paper wants to go, the National Enquirer, Gore has more of a thing for massage therapists than previously thought.  The first, new, incident occurred in Beverly Hills during the Oscars in 2007, the second in Tokyo in 2008.

The Enquirer hasn’t provided much detail yet online aside from saying, “The [Oscar's] therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her. He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of THIS:’ ”

The “this” was pretty obvious, the masseuse’s reaction not so much.  Nor was the second (new) incident detailed, the Enquirer instead inviting the reader to buy the paper to find out.  I rejected the invite so more specifics on the sex scandals of Gore the Groper will have to wait until the Enquirer regurgitates them online.

DOMA: The Defense of Marriage Act was passed by wide, bi-partisan margins in both houses and signed by President Clinton in 1996. 

DOMA predated the stunning and scary rise of homosexual power and influence in America and their man in the White House, Barack Obama, who pledged to get it repealed on the basis that it is “discriminatory” against a major constituency.

“On July 8, a US district court judge in Boston declared that several parts of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) are unconstitutional. . . The law bars the federal government from recognizing same-sex ‘marriages’ and also gives individual states the legal option not to recognize them.”

Targeting federal benefits denied to the 16,000 “married” gay couples in Massachusetts, the homosexual victory opens wide the door to similar suits elsewhere.  It’s, as they say, a foot in the door.

The idea behind DOMA was a simple and basic one: preserving the sacred institution of marriage as between one man and one woman, something the vast majority of Americans still believe is very worthwhile.

Bypassing the electorate as is their custom, gays went to court knowing their chances were better before an activist, sympathetic judge than before the voters to get the statute overturned.  Thirty one states have already rejected same-sex marriages.

The taxpayer-subsidized homosexual group, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, GLAD, had filed the Massachusetts suit, aided and abetted by the collusion of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley who joined them and Eric Holder’s Justice Department which made a half-hearted attempt to defend DOMA.

The decision by Judge Justice L. Touro will not have bearing on any other state and will probably be appealed and eventually be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.  See the Boston Globe’s account of the decision here:

It’s that “foot in the door” that should be worrisome to normal Americans.

JournoList:  You won’t see much if anything about the JournoList in the mainstream media since the explosive story of the JournoList exposes that media for what it is. 

In brief, the expose’ of the JournoList, a left wing cabal of some 300 alleged journalists, reveals the MSM to be a conniving, conspiratorial group dedicated to electing Barack Obama at all costs, to concealing his connection with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and even to shutting down Fox News since it represented a threat to liberal control of the dissemination of news. 

The e-mail-addicted JournoListers were exposed by one of their own, a mole with more integrity than his fellows.

For more details on the Journolist, see “Righty Paranoiacs and Lefty Conspirators,”, an irreverent but enlightening conservative website, takes great joy in outing the hypocrisy of the left and recently published an article, “A Paler Shade of White–the JournoList Conspirators.” 

It reveals the fact the oh-so-liberal group “Looks nothing like America.  It looks more like the upper West Side of Manhattan.”  That is, the JournoListers seem as exclusively lily white as the late Robert Byrd’s old KKK chapter. 

The JournoList includes a plethora of “elitist, pure, white bread goodness” and those of the Jewish persuasion but no visible blacks or hispanics. 

I guess it’s one thing to be liberal, it’s quite another to be so liberal as to be inclusive of the “darker races.” 

The latest installment of IOwntheWorld’s JournoList pictures, including one lone, lonely, token half-black, Jesse Taylor: