With apologies to the Bard, some news is born worthy of being news, some becomes newsworthy as a result of misinterpretation, and some achieves newsworthiness due to wildly-inflated, distorted exaggerations.

Obamacare: Taxing The American  Obamacare:  Anyone who believed the Democrat-Obamian sales pitch on Obamacare has to have been an Obama-enamored African-American, a disturbed Democrat with a government sinecure, a chronic user of illicit, mind-altering drugs, or all of the above.

All the horrors of Obama’s signature legislation that its opponents warned about are either coming to pass or are in process, from rationing to death panels to higher costs to the dreaded “public option.”  The truth about Obamacare will include both intended consequences, which Obamians will deny, and unintended consequences they will declare total surprises, even shocks. 

As one observer wrote, ”Higher costs, longer wait times, inferior care–essentially every nightmare scenario envisioned by Obamacare critics is coming true” and, by design, Obama will be out of office or a lame duck when the major horrors kick in in 2014: http://tiny.cc/8t0o3

One of the consequences already apparent is that insurers are refusing to issue any new individual healthcare policies to children.  The reason?  The inclusion of a provision in the voluminous but carelessly constructed Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.

After September 23rd, “Parents can wait until their children get sick to sign them up for individual plans at any time.  Insurers can’t predict the cost of sudden additions to plans for those making immediate use of the system, and so instead just won’t make those kinds of plans available:” http://tiny.cc/z5mho

It’s the equivalent of the government allowing you to buy an auto collision policy after you rack up your car.  Why would insurers buy into that?

Perhaps the biggest Obamacare lie was that it would give kids better health care.  Now it turns out that many kids will not only not get better health care, they will get no health care.

Al Gore's  The Groper:  Big Al Gore, former VP and bitter loser to GWB for the presidency, winner of a Nobel Prize as richly undeserved as Obama’s, billionaire profiteer from the farce of global warming, and accused groper/molestor/perv, has had the Portland masseuse’s charges dismissed due to insufficient evidence, as per a decision by the Portland D.A.’s Office. 

That office is headed up by liberal District Attorney Michael D. Schrunk.

Molly Haggerty, a 54 year old Portland, Oregon licensed massage therapist had claimed  the world’s pre-eminent environmentalist acted like a “crazed sex poodle” who groped her and attempted to take advantage of her when they were alone in Gore’s hotel room late one night in 2006: http://tiny.cc/5yz1h  

The case was far from airtight but it would seem there was more than enough evidence to at least issue an indictment considering the Portland authorities chose to personally interview Gore who, obviously, denied everything.  That would make the matter a he said/she said situation which a jury should have decided. 

However, without impugning the Portland police since the decision to cut Gore loose came down not from the police but from the more political office of the D.A., any proof could not overcome the identity and influence of the alleged molestor

The good news is that the Goreacle is far from off the hook.  He still could be the subject of a civil action.

Also, suggesting Gore is a serial massage-therapist-groper, two other allegedly Gore-groped therapists have come forward with similar tales about the sex-crazed poodle.  Those incidents occurred in Beverly Hills in 2007 and in Tokyo, 2008.

Let’s hope they have more concrete evidence to offer than the Portland lady.

gulf coast oil spill,  The Gulf:  When gubmint types or weathermen predict catastrophe, we can usually be sure they’re misinformed, disinformed, or practicing CYA, covering their posteriors with their reports.

Weathermen–excuse me, meteorologists–may be the worst of the lot.  Those guys and gals are wrong 50% of the time on tomorrow’s weather yet have the temerity to predict the weather a week in advance.  By that time, everyone has forgotten their prediction, which changes daily anyway, and people have forgotten how wrong they were.

Their most entertaining weather predictions are hurricane forecasts with which they can’t go wrong.  If they’re mistaken when they predict a dozen level 3′s will devastate the Gulf or East Coasts, they revel in our luck.  If they’re right, which they rarely are, they can always insinuate they told us so.

Weathermen/meteorologists and politicos of every stripe jumped in almost immediately after BP’s Deepwater Horizons oil rig exploded on April 20th and issued dire predictions on that catastrophic event which they said could totally decimate the Gulf region for decades, if not for eternity.

Obama’s first act after April 20th was to dispatch government lawyers to the region.  Then, when he emerged from his weeks-long detached daze, he called the BP oil spill “the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced.”  Never wanting to waste a good crisis, he then used that disaster to push his energy bill and instituted a deep water drilling moratorium that promised to be far more financially disastrous to Gulf area denizens than the oil spill.  

Functioning and thinking as liberals who love to focus on the negative, all involved  overlooked or disregarded Mother Nature’s capacity to deal with and compensate for pollution as it has for millennia.  Mother cleans itself better than her children can possibly do with booms, brooms, shovels, and nets and  she dispatched her voracious microorganisms to gobble up the oil.

The spill’s effect on shell fish has been non-existent, even if bans on shell fishing have been crippling.  Oily sea birds got a lot of face time on national tv but relatively few compared to the Prince Edward Sound spill were adversely affected.  Marsh lands and estuaries have seen minimal damage from encroaching oil slicks and the Gulf of Mexico is well on its way to complete recovery.

All of the above news wouldn’t be so surprising if the public shared a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to government actions, the latent power of the powers-that-be, and political-environmental hyperbole.