Making predictions is a cinch job and making long-term predictions is even cinchier.  Like weather predictions, the predicter can always figure his audience will forget that he said, “Cloudy with an 80% chance of rain” and we end up getting a foot deep blizzard or he can always say the snow “developed out of nowhere.”

Likewise with socio-political-economic prognostications, there the prognosticator always has the out that “unforeseen circumstances” developed that made his predictions 100% inaccurate and/or hope that people forget what he said in the first place.

With that as preface, a few very plausible predictions:

Hillary Clinton for Vice President?  Washington scuttlebutt of the day is that the Secretary of State may be offered the Democrat Party’s VP slot in 2012 after Foot-in-Mouth Joe Biden gracefully bows out.  The theory is that Mrs. Clinton would boost the president’s sagging hopes for re-election.  It’s even being suggested that the two switch jobs and that Biden goes to State after Clinton is elected:


As comical as Old Joe can be, his gaffes are usually forgiveable since the vice presidency isn’t “worth a bucket of warm spit” or “warm piss,” as John Nance Garner actually said.  As Secretary of State, Biden’s inanities would be taken seriously!

PREDICTION:  No way on God’s green Earth or elsewhere would Hillary accept the VP in 2012 any more than she would in 2008.  The lady’s ambition, her destiny as she sees it, is to become president, not play second fiddle to some second-rate pretender.  Also, she will be 69 years of age on Election Day 2016, only 3 years shy of John McCain’s age in 2008, for which he was roundly ridiculed by ageists.  Hillary not only will decline the VP slot but, more likely, will take on Obama in the 2012 primaries while he’s on the ropes from a shattered economy and a more shattered presidency.

In politics, you take no prisoners and afford no mercy.

Title: The United Nations  Does It Take a Village or a Planet?  Hillary Clinton’s presumptuous, ghost-written tome on how to raise a child was a preliminary step to what Americans are facing now.  Hillary suggested child raising was as much the community’s, the “village’s,” responsibility as it was a parental responsibility.  That’s total poppycock but poppycock to which liberals subscribe just as they subscribe to the internationalists’ notion that the United Nations should run the planet.

That notion if ever implemented would put the United States on a separate but equal par with such failed states as Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, and Zaire, as Myanmar, Mozambique, and Mauritius, and subject Americans to the tender mercies of those and other united nations.  Never happen, you say?  Don’t bet the  farm on that.

Find UN Locodes:  Arch-internationalist, one-worlder Barack Hussein Obama is poised to set his signature to the United States’ ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child which would, according to Republican Senator Jim DeMint, establish the precedent “to place parental rights under the jurisdiction of the international community.” 

Myanmarians, et al. would then be in a position to dictate parental and child rights to American families:  “The convention established an 18-member panel to oversee children’s rights in nations that are part of the treaty. If approved by the Senate, the United States would fall under the jurisdiction of this panel.”  As DeMint said, the threat to parental rights is “not some theoretical threat:”

PREDICTION:  As a treaty, under our Constitution the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child would require a two-thirds affirmation by the U.S. Senate, which is highly unlikely.  In 2010.  Should One-World obsessed Democrats maintain control of the Senate this November and again in 2012, and should Obama be re-elected in 2012, that U.N. Convention will become the law of our land before the end of his second term.  Not only will all Americans have to learn Spanish by then but parents will have to adapt to foreigners determining whether they are raising their kids correctly and disciplining them correctly, perhaps according to Afghani or Azerbarjanian norms. 

May God help us!